The District Attorney’s office serves to seek justice and ensure the safety of our community in an equitable manner. Every day we work to thoughtfully prosecute crime, protect victims of crime, address systemic bias, rectify injustice, and provide transparency about our work. We are zealous advocates for the truth and fair practitioners of justice.


To protect and serve Larimer and Jackson counties, while creating a stronger community where the application of criminal justice is more equitable and no longer at odds with social justice.

Role of the Deputy District Attorney

Do What Is Right: We do what is right and just in all cases. We go where the truth leads us without bias, fear, or favor. We make all efforts to ensure the equitable application of justice. 

Protect Public Safety: We prosecute offenders, protect victims and advocate for appropriate sentences to maintain the safety and security of our community. 

Exhibit Compassion: We recognize that all actors in the criminal justice system are human beings, deserving of our compassion, and worthy of being considered for opportunities for rehabilitation. 

Earn Public Confidence: We are public servants and exist to benefit our community. We answer to the public and will be respectful engaged, and transparent in our interactions. 

Operate with Integrity: We perform with the highest level of character and integrity in our professional and personal lives. 

Strive for Excellence: We strive for excellence in our performance both in and out of the courtroom. We are determined to give the highest level of service to the community and be leaders in the thoughtful and pragmatic implementation of criminal justice. 

Below is the standard flow of a case in the criminal court system.


Although they occur rarely, acts of intimidation and/or threats against witnesses of crime are taken very seriously by the Eighth Judicial District Attorney's Office, and by the State of Colorado. In 1995, The Colorado General Assembly created a program for the purpose of facilitating protective measures for victims and witnesses involved in the investigation and prosecution of criminal cases. In 2006, the program was named the Javad Marshall-Fields and Vivian Wolfe Witness Protection Program.

Relocation, housing, food, travel, and security expenses may be covered for a temporary amount of time, when it has been determined that the safety of a witness or the witness' family is jeopardized due to their involvement in the community justice system. Assistance from this program, unlike the federal witness protection program, is not permanent, and cannot assist with changing a person's identity.

Funds from this program must be requested through the District Attorney's Office by a law enforcement agency, or by the deputy district attorney assigned to prosecute the criminal case. Requests for expenses covered by this program are reviewed, and approved by a three-member Witness Protection Board. This board is made up of the Attorney General, the Executive Director of Public Safety, and the Executive Director of the Colorado District Attorney's Council or their respective designees.

If you are threatened, intimidated, or asked not to testify because you are a witness in a case, please call the police as soon as possible and then inform the District Attorney's Office. If you believe you are in danger, call 911.