Larimer County District Attorney


201 La Porte Ave. #200
Fort Collins, CO 80521

Jan 2021 -  Jan 2025
First of 2 possible 4-year terms

Gordon P. McLaughlin is the District Attorney for the Eighth Judicial District of Colorado. 

District Attorney Gordon McLaughlin is a career public servant who has served as a prosecutor around Colorado and previously spent seven years as a Deputy District Attorney here in the 8th Judicial District, proudly serving the citizens of Larimer and Jackson counties. Gordon’s legal career has ranged from defending low-level matters for those who could not afford representation in Boulder County to prosecuting murder cases here in Larimer County. A graduate of Cornell University and the University of Colorado Law School, Gordon was elected to the position of District Attorney in November of 2020 on a pledge to bring overdue reform to our local criminal justice system.

Gordon’s top priority as the chief law enforcement officer in the 8th Judicial District is the safety and security of our communities. However, he knows that solving our modern criminal justice problems takes a pragmatic and collaborative approach. Reducing recidivism through alternatives to incarceration and directing resources to the serious crimes which most impact our safety will best protect our quality of life and ensure equal justice under the law. Gordon is also committed to increasing equity, transparency, and outreach in our local community. He believes everyone’s voices must be heard to create a truly just system.  


Read District Attorney, Gordon McLaughlin's op-eds to the local news media. 


  1. The District Attorney is an elected official and serves a four year term.  Under state law, the District Attorney is limited to (2) four year terms.

  2. The District Attorney does not have legal authority over the operation of police agencies or the sheriff's department.