Data Requests Overview

Larimer County provides voter registration information that is public under Colorado law. Various standard data reports are available for purchase. Complete the following steps to purchase a data report: 

  • Review the Data Products section.
  • Complete the Data Request Form.
  • If necessary, submit payment.
    • If required, payment must be received before your report(s) can be delivered.
      • Payment is accepted in cash or check. Checks should be addressed to Larimer County Clerk and Recorder with the requestor's name in the memo. Payment can be submitted in-person or by mail:
    • In-Person: 200 W Oak Street, Suite 5100, Fort Collins
    • Mail: Larimer County Elections, PO BOX 1547, Fort Collins, CO 80522
  • Your request will be processed within 3 business days.
  • Requests for the voter registration records of specific individuals must be submitted through a public records request.

Data Report Considerations

  • Voter registration data is subject to change on a daily basis.
  • All data will be delivered electronically via a secure FTP server.
  • The data comes from Colorado's statewide voter registration system, SCORE. Reports are provided in their original, unaltered form - either PDF or delimited text format (.txt). To review most data, you will need an appropriate software program such as Microsoft Access or Excel. Text files can be opened in Microsoft Excel using instructions from Microsoft: Import a text file by opening it in Excel.
  • Personal identifiable Information (PII), such as Social Security numbers and dates of birth, are confidential pursuant to 24-72-204 (3.5) C.R.S. and will not appear in any data reports.
  • Voters who have requested a confidential status and records for pre-registered voters under 18 will not appear on any data reports, unless being provided to a Designated Election Official for the purpose of conducting an election.

Data Products 

Report Cost: Free

  • District information by precinct and split. 
  • Output format: PDF

Report Cost: Free

  • Total count of voters by party affiliation for specific districts or precincts.
  • Output format: PDF

Report Cost: Free

  • Current list of voter records.
  • Available for the entire County or by District (e.g., City of Fort Collins).
  • Output format: Text File (.csv)

Report Cost: Free

  • Current Larimer County voters and their election activity in five previous elections.
  • Available for the entire County or by District (e.g., City of Fort Collins).
  • Output format: Text File (.csv)

Subscription Cost: $100

  • Contains all Larimer County voters and their ballot status for a specific election, including indication of which voters have returned their ballot.
  • Initial files will be sent the Tuesday after ballots mail. Updated files will be provided every Tuesday and Friday through the Friday after Election Day. 
  • Subscription requests received after the the initial file is sent will be fulfilled on the next regularly scheduled update.
  • A list of precinct-splits will be provided to sort and group voters by specific districts.
  • Output format: Text File (.csv)

Subscription Cost: Free, only available to certified Election Watchers

  • Contains only Larimer County voters who have returned a ballot for a specific election.
  • Files will be provided daily.
  • Output format: Text File (.csv)

Maps are available free of charge as downloadable PDF files from Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

  • Commissioner Districts with Voter Precincts Map
  • Voter Precinct Maps
  • Congressional, House, and Senate District Maps
  • Custom data research  is charged at $32 per hour. An estimate will be provided in advance.
  • Pre-2000 Election Abstracts can be requested as a custom data research request (post-2000 data is available for free on the Past Election Information page).

Requests for the voter registration records of specific individuals must be submitted through a public records request.

Data Request Form

Larimer County Elections Data Request Form


Per the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Larimer County will provide a reasonable accommodation to qualified individuals with a disability who need assistance.  Services can be arranged with at least seven business days’ notice.  Please email us at or by calling 970-498-7820 or Relay Colorado 711. "Walk-in" requests for auxiliary aids and services will be honored to the extent possible but may be unavailable if advance notice is not provided.
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