Discovery is the process of a defendant or defendant's attorney obtaining information possessed by a prosecutor regarding that defendant’s case. This information includes documents, video, audio, reports, and other materials that the District Attorney’s Office will rely upon to prosecute a case. The accused person or defendant in a case has the right to obtain this information to prepare their defense and it is provided at no cost.

All other information requests should follow the Criminal Justice Records Requests (CJRR) procedure.

Criminal Justice Records Requests (CJRR)

Please fill out our Discovery Request Form to request copies of documents, video, audio, reports, and other materials. These requests are subject to Criminal Justice Records Act, C.R.S. 24-72-301 et. seq. As a general rule, access to criminal justice records is limited while a case is still open. After a case has been resolved in the courts, the DA's Office may be able to provide certain records upon request. Once reviewed, the DA's Office will provide an update regarding your request, as well as the cost and any additional redaction fees. 

Cost and fees:

  • Standard fee of $7.50 is required for research & retrieval per case
  • Document redaction (if necessary): $0.25 per page
  • Digital evidence footage redaction (if necessary): $7.50/15 minutes

If approved, an invoice with the estimated cost will be provided. A 50% non-refundable deposit is required. Our office will not start processing your request until payment has been made.

Discovery Process for Defense Attorneys

The Larimer County District Attorney’s Office uses the statewide eDiscovery website to deliver discovery. 

Access Statewide Colorado Criminal eDiscovery to download discovery.

Discovery Process for Defendants Representing Themselves (Pro Se)

If you are representing yourself, please fill out the Discovery Request Form. Once approved, you will receive an email with a link to download materials securely. If you don't have email, you can either provide your own flash drive or purchase a flash drive from the DA's Office. Once Discovery is uploaded onto the flash drive, you will be notified to pick it up, or the DA's Office will cover the cost of mailing the drive back to you if you live outside Larimer County.

*It remains the responsibility of the defendant to verify there isn't subsequent discovery on their case. The defendant can either come in or call the District Attorney's Office at (970) 498-7200 during business hours and ask if there is anything new on their case. If there is something new, the Central Services Division will upload the new discovery or mail a copy to the defendant at no cost.


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