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Mission of the Larimer County Conservation Corps

The Larimer County Conservation Corps (LCCC) promotes individual development through service for the benefit of our environment and community. LCCC is housed within and administered by the Larimer County Economic and Workforce Development.

Service Learning Model

Much of the corps experience falls under the umbrella of service learning. The LCCC’s approach to service learning is a philosophy of reciprocal learning that provides a structure for active reflection with the goal of empowering members to connect to a larger social and environmental context. Important in this definition is the role of mutual learning between corpsmembers, crew leaders and project sponsors and the emphasis on active reflection which fosters learning about larger social and environmental processes in the community in which we are all part of.  

The vision of the LCCC’s Service Learning Curriculum is to use the outdoor environment, hands-on activities, workshops and tours to create meaningful experiences that increase knowledge and appreciation of the natural world, to connect corpsmembers to their community and enhance workforce preparedness. This relates to our program goals in the following ways:

  • Goal 1: To promote self-sufficiency in youth and young adults through skill development for personal and professional growth. [Personal and Professional Development]
  • Goal 2: To increase participant’s knowledge and awareness of community and environmental issues through education and service learning. [Community Engagement and Environmental Awareness]
  • Goal 3: To complete meaningful and long lasting conservation projects in Northern Colorado that benefits our environment and community. 

Interested in supporting LCCC and what we do? 

  • Our annual fundraiser, the Wild and Scenic Film Festival, is a great way to support us while enjoying environmentally themed films. Learn about the Film Festival.
  • Partnering with or sponsoring the LCCC is another way to help us continue our mission. 

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