Master Gardeners are Important to Our Community

Colorado Master Gardeners (CMGs) are members of our community who love lawns, trees, shrubs, flowers, and vegetables. They are passionate to learn and share their knowledge with others. Master Gardeners are life-long learners who complete an initial training that covers various aspects of horticulture with the intent to teach others while volunteering in our community. Their goal is to help foster successful gardening with Larimer County residents.

How and Where do Master Gardeners Volunteer?

  • Staffing a Q&A booth at a garden center, farmers’ market, or community events
  • Assisting with demonstration gardens
  • Writing gardening articles for local publications or social media
  • Providing one-on-one education to residents
  • Responding to phone calls or emails about gardening questions
  • Presenting programs to community groups

Master Gardeners Make Larimer County Better

  • Complete 24 hours of volunteer time per year
    • The volunteer time Master Gardeners donate is invaluable to Larimer County. 
  • Complete 12 hours of continuing education 
    • This ensures that all volunteers are knowledgeable. 

Stop by the Office: Master Gardeners are available to answer questions in person on Wednesdays 10am – 1pm, April 13th – Oct. 19th.  Bring photos and even samples. 

Stop by the Larimer County Farmers' Market: Master Gardeners are at the Larimer County Extension Booth every Saturday, 9am - 1pm, May 21st - Oct. 29th. Bring photos and even samples. 

Email Your Questions: Master Gardeners are available year-round and are often found at many community events during the growing season. Send your questions and photos to

A special program of the Larimer County Master Gardeners is the Tree Team. Diagnosing tree issues can be difficult over the phone or email.  Additionally, a large portion of questions Master Gardeners receive are about woody plants.  The Tree Team was formed so Master Gardeners could provided site visits to better support residents of Larimer County. 

Education for Tree Team Members

Master Gardeners who want to join the tree team must complete 24 additional educational hours. During the classes, they will learn: 

  • How trees respond to stress
  • Woody plant root function
  • How to identify different species of trees
  • Pests of concern in our area


Tree Team Fast Facts: 

  • About 33 members
  • Complete about 100 calls a year
  • Started in 1999 

Have an event coming up? Master Gardeners are available:

  • Event Speaker
    • Master Gardeners can give a presentation about a yard or garden topic.  Please note, presentations may incur a nominal fee. 
  • Q&A Booth
    • Invite Master Gardeners to host a Q&A table or booth.  They can answer yard & garden related questions. There is no fee for a Q&A booth.

Contact Alison O’Connor for more information:

An application is required to become a Master Gardener.  Applicants are interviewed.  Due to the intensive on-boarding process, only a few are selected each year.  

If you are selected, in your first year you will: 

  • Complete approximately 60 hours of college-level horticulture instruction in their first year. Topics will include:
    • How plants grow
    • Soils, fertilizers, and amendments
    • Turf management
    • Plant pathology and Integrated Pest Management
    • Tree planting and care
  • Complete 50 hours of volunteer time between April and October.

Applications to become a Master Gardener are currently closed.  


2021 Impact Report PDF

Value of services contributed in Larimer County: $128,601

122 Colorado Master Gardener Volunteers

4,506 volunteer hours

1,503 advanced horticulture training hours

7,784 community contacts


2020 Impact Report PDF 

Value of services contributed in Larimer County: $130,240

128 Colorado Master Gardener Volunteers

4,270 volunteer hours

1,773 advanced horticulture training hours

2,645 community contacts