4-H at The Larimer County Fair

Visit the Activity Zone, pick up treats at the Dairy Bar, or view the Project Exhibits. 

What is Fashion Revue?

The Larimer County Fashion Revue is:

  • A contest
  • An opportunity to model your project in front of judges & family/friends
  • A low-stress, fun day where you get to hang out with other 4-H members

Fashion Revue has two components:

  • Judging, which typically takes place in the morning and afternoon.*
  • Public Revue, which typically takes place in the evening. All friends and family are welcome to attend the public show.

*Please note, Cloverbuds do not participate in the judging. Cloverbuds only participate in the the Public Review

How is Fashion Revue judged?

  • You will model your outfit in front of two judges.
  • The judges look at your overall look
  • The judges do NOT judge the construction of the outfit.

Example: if you have made a skirt, you will match it with a top, shoes, and accessories of your choice. The judges will look at how your outfit looks overall and how it fits you. 

Who can enter?

Any 4-H member enrolled in:

  • Clothing Construction (except Sewing for Others)
  • Artistic Clothing
  • Buymanship
  • Leathercraft
  • Heritage Arts
  • Western Heritage

What are the rules?

Find a copy of the rules in the Premium Book. You can also ask your club leader for help finding the rules.

2023 Fashion Revue

  • Date: July 26th
  • Registration Deadline: July 7th (you must register using FairEntry)
  • Location: McKee Building


  • Judging time:
    • Check back soon for updated judging times. 
      • Senior participants - morning
      • Intermediate and Junior participants - afternoon
  • Public Revue Rehearsal:
    • 4pm - 5:30pm
  • Public Revue:
    • 7:00pm 

Narration Form:

All participants in the Fashion Revue must create a narration document. Your narration form should cover:

  • The details of your outfit
  • Why you picked the outfit you did
  • What unit you entered

Your narration form should be:

  • Typed in a Word document
  • Size 14 font
  • Double Spaced

Email your narration form to Jo Ann Belk by the entry deadline.

Special Rules for Cloverbuds:

  • Cloverbuds do not need to make the garment they are wearing.
  • Cloverbuds must be able to do the modeling without assistance.
  • Cloverbuds will model no more than one (1) garment in the Fashion Revue.

Fashion Revue Workshop:

Learn how to model, what to expect during judging, get ideas on how to create the perfect outfit, and ask questions.

  • Date: July 10th
  • Time: 6:30pm
  • Location: Laporte Room at The Ranch.