4-H at The Larimer County Fair

Visit the Activity Zone, pick up treats at the Dairy Bar, or view the Project Exhibits. 

Enrollment for the 2023/2024 year starts October 16th

4-H year runs from October to September. 

Membership to 4-H is open to any youth who are age 8 – 18 by December 31st. Children ages 5 – 7 can enroll as a Cloverbud.

If you are applying for reduced enrollment fees, please complete the form below. Return it to Pam Heeney.

Enrollment Deadlines: 

February 1st is the deadline for returning members to join without a $15 late fee. March 1st is the enrollment deadline for new members, returning members with a late fee, and all project changes and any club transfers.

If you miss the March 1st deadline, you will not be able to participate in the Larimer County Fair.  You will also need to call our office before enrolling. 

 There are 4 steps to enrolling in 4-H:

The first step to joining the 4-H program is selecting a local club. Each club is unique depending on the club leader, families involved, most popular projects among club members, the size of the club, etc.

Consider the following: 

  • Location, day, & time the club meets
  • Does the club have support for at least some of the project areas you are interested in?
  • What is the club culture, size, and expectations?

To get started, review the club directory & identify 2-3 clubs that:

  • Are accepting new members
  • Meet at a day/time/location that work for you
  • Support projects you're interested in 

Contact those club leaders and ask to join a meeting to observe. We recommend observing at least 2 different club meetings before you choose a club. After you do so, select the club you would like to join & let the club leader know. 

Larimer County 4-H Club Directory

Look through the many projects Larimer County offers. You may choose one or more projects. Projects are fun to do alone and/or with your friends. Think about:

  • An interest you’d like to explore
  • A hobby you’d like to learn more about
  • A topic of interest shared by you and your family
  • Something that is fun for you

If you have questions about a project, each project page lists who you can contact.  You can also ask your club leader or other members in your club. 

You must visit 4-H Online in order to enroll in 4-H.  After you have enrolled in 4-H, you need to pay your enrollment fees to Larimer County 4-H.  You can return to this page to pay your fees. 

Having trouble registering in 4-H Online? Your club leader can help. 

Completed enrollment in 4-H Online? Your last step is to pay your enrollment fees. Can't see the form below? Use this form instead