4-H year runs from October to September. You may enroll in 4-H year round.  However, to participate in the Larimer County Fair, you must enroll before March 15th.  

We are currently in the 2021/ 2022 4-H Year. The 2022/ 2023 4-H year will begin on October 1st, 2022. 

Membership to 4-H is open to any youth who are age 8 – 18 by December 31st. Children ages 5 – 7 are encouraged to explore the 4-H Cloverbud program, which is designed specifically for these ages.

Steps to Register: 

  1. Pick Your Club
  2. Pick Your Project(s)
  3. Enroll in 4-H Online
  4. Pay Your Enrollment Fees
4-H Stickers on a Table

The first step to joining the 4-H program is selecting a local club. Each club is unique depending on the club leader, families involved, most popular projects among club members, the size of the club, etc.

Consider the following: 

  • Location, day, & time the club meets
  • Does the club have support for at least some of the project areas you are interested in?
  • What is the club culture, size, and expectations?

To get started, review the club directory & identify 2-3 clubs that:

  • Are accepting new members
  • Meet at a day/time/location that work for you
  • Support projects you're interested in 

Contact those club leaders and ask to join a meeting to observe. We recommend observing at least 2 different club meetings before you choose a club. After you do so, select the club you would like to join & let the club leader know. 

Larimer County 4-H Club Directory

Look through the many projects Larimer County offers. You may choose one or more projects. Projects are fun to do alone and/or with your friends. Think about:

  • An interest you’d like to explore
  • A hobby you’d like to learn more about
  • A topic of interest shared by you and your family
  • Something that is fun for you

If you have questions about a project, each project page lists who you can contact. 

Larimer County 4-H Projects List

You must visit 4-H Online in order to enroll in 4-H.  After you have enrolled in 4-H, you need to pay your enrollment fees to Larimer County 4-H.  You can return to this page to pay your fees. 

Enroll in 4-H Online

PLEASE NOTE - the deadline to register for 4-H & participate in the Larimer County Fair has passed. You can still register for the 2021/ 2022 4-H year, but you will not be eligible to participate in the Larimer County Fair.


Have questions? Contact:

Pam Heeney
4-H Administrative Assistant
Larimer County Extension Office
1525 Blue Spruce Dr
Fort Collins CO 80524