Flex staff jobs are jobs that provide for career progression. Each job listed below has the requirements for movement from one job to the next in the minimum qualifications for the more senior position. Please contact your supervisor or HR Generalist with questions on how to progress in flex staff jobs.

Starting Title

Flexibly Staffed To

Accounting Technician I Accounting Technician II
Accounts Payable Technician I Accounts Payable Technician II
Administrative Specialist I Administrative Specialist II
Adult Protection Social Case Worker I Adult Protection Social Caseworker II
Appraiser I Appraiser II
Assessment Technician I Assessment Technician II
Building Maintenance Worker I Building Maintenance Worker II
Case Manager I Case Manager II
Child Support Technician I Child Support Technician II
Civil Engineer I Civil Engineer II
Construction Manager I Construction Manager II
Correctional Case Specialist I Correctional Case Specialist II
Correctional Services Specialist I Correctional Services Specialist II
Court Services Specialist I Court Services Specialist II
Employment Specialist Senior Employment Specialist
Engineering Technician I Engineering Technician II
Environmental Health Specialist I Environmental Health Specialist II
Events Operations Worker I Events Operations Worker II
Facilities Services Worker I Facilities Services Worker II
Income Maintenance Technician I Income Maintenance Technician II
Investigative Technician I Human Services Investigative Technician II Human Services
Investigator I District Attorney Investigator II District Attorney
Landfill Worker I Landfill Worker II
Nutritionist I Nutritionist II
Planner I Planner II
Purchasing Agent I Purchasing Agent II
Recording Technician I Recording Technician II
Recording Technician II Recording Specialist
Records Management Technician I Records Management Technician II
Social Caseworker I Social Caseworker II
WIC Educator I WIC Educator II



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