Larimer County Foster Care

Welcome and thank you for caring about children and youth in foster care! The following children are currently waiting for a foster-adoptive family or a foster family who is in the position to adopt, should the case move in that direction. Both home studied and non-home studied families may inquire.

Image 1: Sage, age 13

Sage, age 13

Sage is a bright and loving kiddo. They have been through a lot in their short life but is extremely resilient. They love music, socializing, animals, and is a wonderful singer. Sage would like to be the only child in a home, but would do okay with a few older children. Sage would prefer to stay in Larimer County, near their siblings who they would like consistent contact. For the right fit, Sage is willing to look at different states as long as a plan can be made for them to have good communication/visitation with their siblings. It's very important for Sage that any families inquiring about them know that they are an LGBTQ+ ally.

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Image 2: Storm, age 17

Storm, age 17

Storm is a 17-year-old who is very charismatic and funny. They are creative and love art--especially drawing. They have a harder time when not active and love to exercise. They are high energy and very caring which is displayed through their love for animals and adventure. They love dogs and would like to own one or be in a home with one. 

They need a lot of individual attention. When they are bored or feel overlooked, they become dysregulated. Storm would prefer a same-sex (female) couple with no other children in the home. A potential family must be LGTBQ affirming. 

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Image 3: Hunter, age 17

Hunter, age 17

Hunter (formerly Karter) is searching for his forever home! They are a 17-year-old transgender youth who identifies as he/him. Hunter loves music and when a song comes on the radio, he can name the song title and artist before anyone else in the room.  Intelligent and humorous, he loves to read and write stories, draw, listen to music, and be active outdoors. Hunter also enjoys a good video game. Many of Hunter's struggles are consistent with complex trauma.  His future success will be supported best by recognizing his strengths as well as providing a consistent, safe, and structured environment for him.
**Hunter will soon be turning 18 and we would love to have support for him as he enters this next phase of life.  Would you be interested in being a host home, mentor, or support for him now and into the future?  If so, click "Ask about this child" below**

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Thank you Colorado Kids Belong

Larimer County would like to thank Colorado Kids Belong for providing local photo and video shoots for our waiting children and youth.