The Department of Human Services takes care of thousands of people every month who need help. When you come to one of our locations, you may encounter a crowded lobby or a long line. You may prefer to call with your questions.  If so, please be aware that you may have to wait on hold for some time.    

The following tips may help you better prepare for your visit:

When you arrive - 

  • At 1501 Blue Spruce you may be required to take a ticket and wait for your number to be called.
  • At all other locations, please see any receptionist when you arrive.
  • If you have questions about your pending or ongoing benefits case, you can call (970) 498-6300 and speak directly to a technician. Front desk receptionists will not be able to answer your case questions.
  • If you come in to drop off your documentation, you may leave the documents with the receptionist or put them in the drop box in the lobby.  Do not leave original documents.  There is a copier in the lobby for your use.  

Cashier - The cashier will issue your EBT card to obtain your benefits if/after you are approved.


Leaving the building –

  • Once you have checked in with the receptionist, you should avoid leaving the building before your name is called. If you need to go out of the building before your name is called, please tell the receptionist that you need to leave and if you are planning on coming back.


Documents to Bring

At Human Services, we are required to ask you to provide information which helps us determine your eligibility for benefits.  Some of the documentation you may be asked to provide includes:  

  • Picture ID/Proof of Identity
  • Birth Certificate/Proof of Citizenship – we are required to see the original documents for citizenship
  • Social Security Numbers
  • Proof of Unearned Income
  • Proof of Earned Income
  • Rent/House payment documentation
  • Utility and Phone expenses
  • Child Support Payment documentation
  • Child care expenses

NOTE:  Documents other than what is listed above may be required.