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To report possible fraud for public benefit programs, call 970-498-7635 or complete the online form below.

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The Recovery & Fraud Investigation Unit is responsible for maintaining the integrity of public benefit programs by recovering overpayments made in error and following up on possible instances of fraud.

Due to the high volume of changing information that passes back and forth between our offices and our clients, there are occasional errors in calculating benefits.

Overpayments need to be recovered and returned in order for our public benefit programs to operate as required. Call the phone numbers below for more information on the collection of overpayments:

  • For questions, please call 970-498-7635 or email

Fraud occurs when someone conceals or provides incorrect information in order to obtain benefits for which they are not eligible. To report an instance of possible fraud, please fill out the online form below or call 970-498-7635.

  • Info regarding suspected fraudulent person
  • Allegation
  • Information regarding their children
  • Information regarding their employer
  • Can attach documents
  • Can provide their own personal information

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