Let us connect you with nature. We can provide a guided educational program for your group to experience Larimer County open spaces in a new way. 

A group of people listen as a Naturalist talks while on the trail.
Observation deepens the connection to nature and place. Using our senses to observe the natural world, we'll connect to the natural wonders that Larimer County has to offer while learning how to be good stewards and practice responsible and safe behavior to protect and preserve the natural environment. Our Special Request hike will take advantage of what is seen on the trail so the experience is different each time. 


Our volunteers and staff are ready to take your group on a journey of discovery. Submit a request to start exploring the wonders of Larimer County. 


Special Request Guided Hike Form

Observation deepens the connection to nature and place. 

Guided Hike

  • Locations: Horsetooth Mountain Open Space, Devil's Backbone Open Space, other open spaces upon request (may depend on group size)
  • Time: 3-4 hours
  • Distance: 2-3 miles
  • Any age

Participants will:

  • Learn Leave No Trace principles and how you can be a good steward of our natural resources. 
  • Explore the life zones of Larimer County. 
  • Uncover the secret life of wildlife by looking for signs.
  • Discover native plants and their amazing adaptations to this dry climate. 
  • Go on a color scavenger hunt. 
  • Hear nature in a new way with a silent hike or create a sound map. 
  • Take a micro hike and see the world from the perspective of an insect. 
  • Journey into the makings of habitat and the connections within an ecosystem. 
  • Explore the impacts of wildfire on the environment. 
  • Discover the rare aquatic communities and their importance in the ecosystem. 
  • Learn local history. 

Observing Nature's Wonders includes the topics and activities listed above. It can be tailored to your group or topics covered may depend on the Naturalist. 


If you have interest in a specific topic, we are open to discussion. Our Naturalists lead programs on geology, wildlife, plants, local history and more! Write a suggestion in your request form and we'll do our best to accommodate it. 


  1. How large of a group can I bring?

    We welcome groups no larger than 60 people. Groups will be split into 2-4 smaller groups of 15 or less participants each with their own Naturalist. 

  2. How far will we be hiking?

    Most special request guided hikes are 2-3 miles. This distance may vary depending on the location and trail. 

  3. Which trail will we be hiking?

    Available locations and trails are listed below. You'll select your preference when you submit a request form. 


    Check Colorado Trail Explorer (COTREX) at https://trails.colorado.gov/ for the most up-to-date trail conditions, closures, and alerts. 

  4. How long is a special request program?

    Most programs are about 3 hours in length. We include time for lunch and can adjust the time if needed. 

  5. Are programs available on the weekends?

    It depends on the time of year and location. March through October programs are typically scheduled on weekdays starting at 9:00 am or 3:00 pm. We try to avoid high visitation periods as parking can be limited. Some locations see less visitation and therefore may have more flexibility. October through April programs are scheduled Monday - Saturday at any time. 

    When we receive your request, we'll work with you to find the best date & time for your group. 

  6. Do you take requests for specific topics?

    Yes. Naturalists can lead hikes on geology, wildlife, native plants, habitats, local history, responsible recreation and more! Suggest a topic in your request form and we'll do our best to accommodate it. 

  7. Are these programs only for kids?

    No. We welcome anyone who has a desire to learn! We can do special requests for scout troops, homeschools, youth groups, meet-ups, senior centers, social clubs, recreation clubs, summer camps, community group, schools, etc. 

  8. May I bring participants with special needs?

    We welcome participants with special needs to our programs. Please let us know how we can best prepare by including this information in the Special Accommodations section of the request form. We ask that an aide or assistant, who is familiar with the participant, accompanies them to the program. 

  9. Is a guided hike the only option?

    No. We can do Naturalist led talks at a single location such as a picnic pavilion or in a classroom if a hike is not a good option for your group. You can include additional information on the request form that will guide us in providing the appropriate setting for the program. 

  10. How far in advance must I sign up?

    We require at least two weeks advanced notice. On the request form, you'll see available dates. Selecting an alternative date provides us with flexibility. 

  11. How do I sign up?

    Submit a Special Request Guided Hike form in Offero. You'll need to create an account; your name, phone number and email are all that is required. 

    Once we receive your request, we'll be in contact to discuss details and/or confirm the date. If you have questions, contact Julie Enderby at 970-619-4552 or jenderby@larimer.org 

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