Priority Area: 
Poudre River Valley
175 Acres


Nestled among US Forest Service lands, this mountain property is forested and consists of ponderosa pine, Douglas-fir and juniper trees along with cottonwood, elm alder, and various shrubs, grasses and cacti. It is visible from Poudre Park and State Highway 14 and provides a continuous view of timbered hillsides. The series of Fonken Conservation Easements are intended to preserve the natural, scenic, open space, and other environmental values of the property.

This property is located northwest of Fort Collins in the Poudre River basin and is not open to the public.

Property Information

Type of Acquisition #Acres Property
Bargain Sales
Conservation Easement 105 $ 250,000 Larimer Co. - $ 0
Landowner - $ 250,000
2004 No
Conservation Easement 35 $ 100,000 Larimer Co. - $ 0
Landowner - $ 100,000
2003 No
Conservation Easement 35 $ 100,000 Larimer Co. - $ 0
Landowner - $ 100,000
2002 No

Management Plan

When only the development rights of a property are purchased, as in the case of a conservation easement, any future development of that land is limited. The landowner continues to manage the property, and the land remains on the tax rolls. Land with a conservation easement is not generally open to the public because it is still in private ownership.

* This conservation easement is monitored by Larimer County Open Lands.

Future Vision

These acquisitions are the first of ten potential conservation easement donations.