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282 Acres


If you are looking for some incredible vistas close to town as you hike, then head to Horsetooth Mountain Park.  Hughey Open Space is adjacent to the southwest border of Horsetooth Mountain Park and includes the southwestern mountainous slopes leading up to Horsetooth Rock. It is managed as part of the Horsetooth Mountain Park, and you will be able to appreciate the scenic views and occasional glimpses of wildlife as you look to the southwest from the trails. 

Horsetooth Mountain Park trailhead is located immediately off CR 38 E approximately 5 - 6 miles west of the intersection of Harmony and Taft Hill in Fort Collins.

Management Summary

  Yes No Comments
Permit Required *    
Trails *   In Horsetooth Mountain Park
  • Hiking
  • Mountain biking
  • horses
Restrooms *   Located at the Horsetooth Mountain Park Trailhead
Drinking fountains *   Located at the Horsetooth Mountain Park Trailhead
Dogs allowed *   Dogs must be leashed at all times.

Property Information

Type of Acquisition #Acres Property
Bargain Sales
Fee Simple 282.0 $ 310,000 Larimer Co - $ 129,000
Landowner - $ 31,000
GOCO* - $ 150,000
1998 Yes

*Great Outdoors Colorado

Management Plan

Because this property is an extension of Horsetooth Mountain Park it will also host all of the same recreational opportunities found around the rest of the park.  This will be accomplished by integrating the trail system to this area of the park.  The Hughey Property is managed as part of Horsetooth Mountain Park.