Priority Area: 
Laramie Foothills   Map
504 Acres


Pronghorn antelope, tepee rings and the imperiled Bell's twinpod are some of the natural resources protected with this conservation easement. These lands provide a buffer to lands already preserved by the Nature Conservancy and are part of a multi phased protection project. It is protected through a partnership between Larimer County, the landowner, and the Legacy Land Trust. The Legacy Land Trust owns and monitors the conservation easement.

This property is located north of Fort Collins in the Laramie Foothills and is not open to the public.

Property Information

Type of Acquisition #Acres Property
Bargain Sales
Conservation Easement 504 $ 170,000 Larimer Co - $ 69,000
LLT* - $ 1,000
Landowner - $ 100,000
2002 No

* Legacy Land Trust

Management Plan

When only the development rights of a property are purchased, as in the case of a conservation easement, any future development of that land is limited. The landowner continues to manage the property, and the land remains on the tax rolls. Land with a conservation easement is not generally open to the public because it is still in private ownership.

* The conservation easement on this property is monitored by the Legacy Land Trust.