Returning customers

The inventory of available slips for this lottery is determined by the remaining spaces available after returning customers in good standing are given first right of refusal. Boaters who already have a 2023 slip or mooring should contact their respective marina to confirm their plans for the 2024 season. 


  • Lottery submission dates for the 2024 summer season: Friday, March 29 - Friday, April 19 at 11:59 p.m. 
  • One form per registered boat owner per location.
  • Winners will be chosen by the end of April and notified soon after. 
  • The registered owner of the boat to be slipped/moored is the only person who can rent the slip/mooring.
  • If you are not contacted before the summer season, please infer that you were not chosen for the lottery.  However, for the remainder of the summer season, we will retain your entry and if additional spaces become available we will continue to work through the lottery list to fill what is available.

Note: For 2025, the marina slip lottery will be open Jan. 1 - Feb. 28. Lottery names will be chosen by mid-March, 2025.


  1. Winning does not automatically guarantee a slip or mooring spot. After winning, the marina will contact you to vet details and discuss a contract. 

  2. Submissions are free. 

  3. No. You must enter the lottery each year. Lottery submissions do not carry over from year to year. There is no wait list for slips and moorings. 

  4. The inventory of slips for this lottery is based on remaining spaces available after returning customers are given right of first refusal. Returning boaters should contact their respective marina to confirm their plans to continue renting for the 2024 season. 

  5. You can still enter the lottery. If you are selected, you'll need to speak to the marina during the vetting process to ensure your boat will fit in the slip available. 

  6. Email your questions to:

  7. Each individual marina manages its own pricing and the individual contracts to be made after lottery winners are selected for vetting. Please contact Carter Lake Marina or Inlet Bay Marina at Horsetooth for pricing details. 

  8. Verified residents of Larimer County are given preference points in the lottery, which entitles them to be entered twice. If you are a resident of Larimer County, your name will be entered into the lottery two times after the county verifies your residence. Please submit only one lottery application, but be sure to include your address and boat registration number so we can verify you.


  9. Waitlisted boat owners must enter the lottery to be considered for a slip in 2024 . You will receive preference points, which entitles you to be entered twice. Submit your lottery application just once and the county will take care of the rest.