Subscribe to receive text alerts notifying you when parking at Larimer County's reservoir parks and open spaces hit capacity. There are two easy ways to opt in: text message or email, or both.

  1. For text message, send key word lcboating or lcopenspaces to (833) 581-0014.
  2. Or, for email alerts, please submit your email address below and select which alerts you would like to receive. 

Target your subscription by keyword:

  • lcboating will provide alerts for Horsetooth Reservoir, Carter Lake, Pinewood and Flatiron Reservoirs
  • lcopenspaces will provide alerts for Horsetooth Mountain, Devil's Backbone, Hermit Park, Eagle's Nest, and Red Mountain Open Spaces

Please note: Alerts will disseminate when parking lots reach 80-90% full as measured by staff on site. Alerts will NOT be sent for inclement weather conditions, disaster updates, road closures, rescue/recovery updates, or other marketing information. The alerts will also not be sent when parking lots have returned to open capacity after being full.  We recommend visiting open spaces before 9 a.m. and reservoirs before 10 a.m. to avoid delays in parking. 

Please visit other communication channels to get informed regarding non-parking related conditions impacting your visit. 

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