1. Yes, we accept mattresses and box springs for recycling if dry and free of bedbugs! Please be advised there is an additional dropoff fee. This applies to all sizes of mattresses and box springs.  

  2. Yes. They are considered an appliance. Please see our fees page for costs. 

  3. Refrigerators and cooling appliances once having or currently containing freon are accepted and are charged an additional disposal fee. Please see the current fee schedule for updated prices. They are deposited in the Resource Recovery Area of the landfill.

  4. Yes, however carpet and padding are not recycled. They are charged and accepted into the waste disposal area with other trash.

  5. Yes. It is charged like regular waste.

  6. Yes, visit the Drop 'N' Swap page for more information. 

  7. No. Salvaging is not allowed at the landfill.

  8. No. For safety reasons we cannot have the public searching through trash. Most trash is buried or compacted within 30 minutes. Please contact the business office at 970-498-5760 for additional questions pertaining to lost items.  

  9. Yes, we accept branches and yard waste through our Green Waste Program as an alternative to disposal. See Green Waste Program for requirements, fees, and a list of what is accepted.

  10. Residential cars, SUVs, passenger vans, pickup trucks, and cargo trucks will be charged a flat fee. If your trash is on a trailer, measure your trash (not the container) in feet. Plug these dimensions into our fee calculator to approximate the cost. Please note that certain materials such as mattresses, tires, appliances, freon-containing appliances, and several others have an additional fee. 

  11. Yes, per Colorado Revised Statutes. We will charge untarped loads double. Items in enclosed trailers, camper shells, and inside your vehicle are considered to be covered. Learn more about our Covered Load Policy.

  12. Electronics must be recycled per new state regulation effective July 1, 2013. This program accepts credit cards and cash and is operated by Waste Management inside the landfill. See Electronics Recycling for more information.

  13. Yes, we accept dead animals, per every 100 lbs with a minimum fee listed on the current fee schedule. Please note that the animals are disposed of in the regular trash area per CDPHE regulations.

  14. It varies by location and department. View all hours of operation.

  15. This information is updated as conditions change and is always available by calling (970) 498-5770. Press 1, pause, and press 1 again. You can also subscribe to receive closure notifications.

  16. Any batteries must be removed. Fluids must be drained from any motors. Trailers left for disposal with boats must be accompanied by a title. If the trailer has tires, you will be charged for them. Be prepared to remove the tires at the platform prior to disposal. See our disposal fees page for costs. 

  17. We reserve the right to limit the number of tires recycled at once. 9 is the maximum number allowed per trip by State Law. Costs are determined by size of tire and whether or not it has a rim. See our disposal fees page for costs.