The 2023 Budget is prepared incorporating the County objectives of:

  • Maintaining employee compensation at the compensation goal.
  • Consider additional funding proposals that would be a benefit to the community and address required elements of the County's adopted Strategic Plan.
  • Identifying all budgeted ending fund balances (reserves) to assure that the funds are properly designated for future projects and/or services.
  • Implementing a 5-Year Capital Improvement Plan to forecast the County's needs to replace, improve, or add equipment, assets and software that are important for the efficient and effective operation of county services.

Service Categories

Among the Net Operating Budget, the budget is allocated between five Service Categories that group similar services together. The five Service Categories are:

  • Public Safety
  • Community Planning, Infrastructure and Resources
  • Human & Economic Health
  • Public Records & Information
  • Support Services

Sources of Revenue

A variety of revenue sources support these expenditures by the County. The largest sources of revenue are:

  • Property Taxes
  • Sales and Use Taxes
  • State and Federal Revenues
  • User Fees (Charges for Services)
  • Charges and transfers within the County
  • The County's fund balance from prior year surpluses