State Electrical Board adopts 2023 National Electric Code (NEC)

Need to apply for an Electrical Permit?

  1. Register with Master Electrician Registration Form
  2. Become a Registered User on the Online Portal System
  3. Follow  Instructions on How to Apply for Permits Online

Estes Park Electrical Permitting

  • Addresses located outside the town limits of Estes Park, please apply through Larimer County.
  • Addresses located inside the town limits of Estes Park, please apply through the Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA).




  1. Over the years, customers have often asked Larimer County Building Division to expand its services to
    include electrical permits and inspections. Each time, the county declined to assume this responsibility
    from the Colorado Electrical Board, because we concluded that providing strong customer service in this
    area would cost more than we could recover in permit fees. But this time, after thoroughly studying how
    to provide the service, we notified the State of Colorado that we are ready to take on this new
    challenge. Starting July 1, 2020, anyone needing an electrical permit in unincorporated Larimer County,
    or doing electrical work as a part of a larger construction project, will go to Larimer County Building
    Division instead of the state of Colorado. We hope this makes electrical permitting simpler and
    smoother for our customers.
  2. Electrical Permit/Plan Submittal Requirements 

    Single Family Residential Wiring Guidelines 

    We currenlty have divided the County into four electrical inspection territories: Front Range north, Front Range south, southwest mountains and northwest mountains. The territories closely follow current building inspector territories 1, 2&3, 4, and 5&6. Rod Roberts will inspect the north Front Range Monday, Wednesday and Friday and the NW Mountains on Tuesday and Thursday. Jim Johnson will inspect the SW Mountains Monday, Wednesday and Friday and the South Front Range Tuesday and Thursday. This schedule is very similar to what state electrical inspectors were doing, so contractors should be familiar with it. Electrical Inspection Map 

    Per state law, only state-licensed electricians or homeowners doing their own work on the home they reside in, may perform electrical work. County staff will check for proper state licenses when permits are issued and may check for licenses at any time in the field.

    Any electrical permits issued by the Colorado Electrical Board through June 30, 2020 will continue to be inspected by the state until completion or expiration.

  3. Click here for the form required to add electrical to an existing building permit.  Please check the submittal requirements to see if plans need to be submitted (most permits do not require plan submittal).

  4. Click here for Electrical Permit/Plan Submittal Requirements

  5. No. Electrical contractors, master and journeyman electricians are licensed by the state of Colorado Electrical Board. We will not require separate county licenses, but we will require you to register with us in order to verify your state license is current. Electrical Registration Information  In accordance with state law, we may check at any time in the field for proper state licenses.

    Homeowners are allowed by state law to do their own electrical work on their own principal residence in which they reside, which is not for sale, resale, rental, short-term rental, accommodations or other commercial use, provided they possess reasonable enough knowledge for a safe and proper installation.


  6. Wiring requirements for Alternate Power Sources such as solar photovoltaic..

    Mobile/Manufactured Homes Electrical Wiring requirements. .

    Do you need to add electrical to a current building permit after July 1, 2020? Please fill out and return this form.