If you are purchasing an establishment that currently has a liquor license in place, you will apply for a transfer of ownership, provided you are applying for the same type of license. If you intend to change the type of license, you are not eligible for a transfer of ownership and must apply for a new license. A transfer of ownership allows the new owner to continue doing business upon the issuance of a temporary permit upon approval by the County Commissioners. The temporary permit is issued for up to six months, allowing the new owner to complete the entire transfer process and providing the County Commissioners and the Colorado Department of Revenue time to review and approve the application and issue the county and state licenses.

Visit the Clerk and Recorder office at 200 West Oak Street, 1st Floor, Fort Collins, in the Recording Department. You will be given an application packet which our staff will review with you and explain the requirements that you must complete. In addition, all persons with at least 10% ownership interest in the business and any manager that is not an owner are required to be fingerprinted and are subject to a criminal background check. The fee for a background check is $100 per individual payable to Larimer County. Please see the Fingerprinting and Background Check page for information on fingerprinting services.

Once you have the application packet completed, including all supporting documentation, bring it to our office along with the required fees. Someone will be available to review your packet with you to ensure all required documents have been submitted. 

Temporary permits are signed by the County Commissioners each Tuesday. Application packets must be received no later than 10am the preceding Thursday in order to be submitted to the Commissioners for approval on Tuesday. A new owner is not allowed to conduct business using the former owner’s liquor license, so having the packet submitted in a timely manner will ensure a seamless change in operation.


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