Larimer County Clerk and Recorder

Tina Harris

(970) 498-7852 (office)
(970) 459-7332 (mobile)

PO Box 1280
Fort Collins, CO 80522

Appointed June 2023 - January 2025

Tina Harris is the Larimer County Clerk and Recorder. On April 18, 2023, with the support of the Clerk and Recorder leadership, the Larimer County Board of Commissioners unanimously appointed Tina Harris to fill the vacancy of Larimer County Clerk and Recorder – a vacancy created by the retirement of Angela Myers. In doing so, leadership established their confidence in Tina’s vast experience in the office, her entirely non-partisan approach, and how critical these qualities are for the success of Clerk and Recorder operations.

Throughout her 24-year tenure within the office – beginning as a Vehicle Licensing [VL] Technician – Tina has held many leadership roles and has been instrumental in mentoring many of the current leaders within the office.

Tina’s forward-thinking has shaped her into an operational innovator. She is directly responsible for the creation of the VL Trainer position and curriculum, the VL Assistant Manager position, and the VL Processing Center and Phone Tag – which she was recognized as runner-up for the 2017 Larimer Innovation Award. She is adept at 360-degree operational reviews and has also written numerous business plans, which have improved and increased the effectiveness and efficiency of the Clerk and Recorder office.

The Clerk and Recorder office oversees three departments:  Elections, Recording, and Vehicle Licensing. And, Tina has expertise in each – from holding nearly every position in VL, to overseeing voting sites for Elections, and her previous role as Manager of the Recording Department. She has completed Secretary of State Certification in Elections and is in the process of earning the national Certified Elections/Registration Administrator certification (CERA). She participates in the Recording Technical Committee of the Colorado County Clerks Association (CCCA), chairs the CCCA Education Committee, and is a CCCA Conference presenter.

Tina lives in Fort Collins with her husband of 34 years, Rick – and, her Corgi, Sammie. She is a devoted mother and the grandmother of seven grandchildren.

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