The information here can be used to assist buyers and sellers with the assignment by owner area on the back of the current Colorado Certificate of Title. Older versions, or titles from other states have different formats and may vary from what’s shown here. If you’re unsure of how to complete the title assignment, please contact our office for guidance. Errors made on this document can cause long delays and in some situations, a duplicate title may be required.

Back of Title

Information for each area above is represented by the corresponding numbers below:

If the vehicle has an odometer, enter the number of miles shown from the odometer in this area. Readings in kilometers should be converted to miles. Complete this box carefully. Any changes, alterations, or corrections in this box can void the document and a duplicate may be required. 

Mark one selection only:

  • Actual Mileage - This is the most common selection. It’s used when the odometer is working correctly and is displaying the correct mileage.
  • Mileage in excess of mechanical limits - This is less common but was used more in the past when odometers contained only 5 digits.
  • Not Actual - Warning: Odometer Discrepancy - Select this box if the odometer does not show the actual mileage on the vehicle. This might occur if the odometer is broken or was replaced.

Each current owner/seller must print and sign their name exactly as it is shown on the front side of the title document.

Enter the date here that the vehicle was sold.

Enter the price here, in US dollars, that the vehicle was sold/purchased for. If it was a gift, it’s okay to write the word gift here.

The buyer must print and sign their name here. The name should be listed exactly as it is shown on their identification

If there is more than one buyer, print the additional buyer names here. A signature for the additional buyers is not required.   

This is the legal address of the buyer. The vehicle must be registered in the same county that the buyer lives in.  If a separate address is used to receive mail, please do not list it here. The mailing address will be provided later in the process.