This information will explain the process and requirements used to change the name of an existing owner on your Certificate of Title

Depending on your situation, you will need to supply the documentation listed below:

  1. Divorce decree, marriage certificate, or court order legalizing your name change.
  2. Print and sign the old name in the Seller's area and print the new name in the Buyer's area. (Example below)
  3. Appointments are available at
  4. The signed title, supporting documents, and owner identification will be required.
  5. Be prepared to pay the title fee of $7.20.

Older versions, or titles from other states have different formats and may vary from what’s shown below. If you’re unsure of how to complete the title assignment, please contact our office for guidance. Errors made on this document can cause long delays and in some situations, a duplicate title may be required.


Title Image



Court Order awarding a vehicle
When a title is in joint ownership in the name of a married couple, and there has been a divorce, the joint owner who was not awarded the vehicle must assign their interest to the other joint owner. Only the owner’s signature giving their interest is required, providing the other joint owner's name is remaining the same, and no additional owners are being added to the new title. The Court Order must describe the vehicle by year, make, VIN. A copy is acceptable.

Court Order divesting interest in a vehicle
When the divorce decree states explicitly that one owner is awarded the vehicle, no signature is required from the person not awarded the vehicle. The divorce decree must describe the vehicle by year, make, VIN, and accompany the application title. A copy of the divorce decree is acceptable.

Court Order authorizing clerk of the court in a divorce
When one of the owners is not available or refuses to sign the title, the court may authorize the Clerk of the Court to sign or give power of attorney to transfer the title. The Court Order must describe the vehicle by year, make, VIN. A copy of the court order is acceptable.

Direct Court Order in a divorce
The court may issue a direct order directing the State of Colorado to issue a title to one of the parties.

NOTE: Court Orders must describe vehicle by year, make and VIN, and accompany the title’s application. A copy is acceptable.

  1. Bring the title, appropriate court order document, and owner identification (secure and verifiable) or designated power of attorney completed and notarized Form DR2175 to one of Larimer County office locations.
  2. Appointments are available at
  3. Be prepared to pay the title fee of $7.20.