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Larimer County does not provide any public utility services (water, electric, sewer, etc.) However, the Engineering Department regulates the installation of public utilities within Larimer County Rights-of-Way through a permitting process. A Traffic Control Plan, developed by a certified traffic control company, must be submitted for all work performed within road rights-of-way, or that will directly affect the travelling public.

Right-of-way Construction Standards

Urban Area Street Standards (within Growth Management Areas)

Rural Area Road Standards (Unincorporated Areas)

Insurance Requirements

Traffic Control Plan Approval Form (must be submitted at least 72 hours prior to construction)

Permit Fees

Project Impact Surface Age Base Fee Additional Fee

Service Installation1


$100.00 N/A
Linear Footage Fee2 N/A $100.00 $0.10 per Linear Foot
Asphalt/Chipseal Cut > 12 Months Old $200.00 N/A
Asphalt/Chipseal Cut3 < 12 Months Old N/A $5.00/Square Foot
Treated Gravel Cut4 N/A $100.00 $100.00
Non-Treated Gravel Cut N/A $100.00 $50.00
Native Material Cut N/A $100.00 $50.00

1Service Installations which DO NOT disturb asphalt, concrete, or treated gravel surfaces, and DO NOT exceed a distance of ten (10) linear feet within the right-of-way will be assessed the Application Base Fee only.

2For installations parallel to the roadway within the right-of-way. This rate applies to underground installations only.

3Installations where the asphalt to be cut is less than 12 months old. If the Square Footage Fee is less than $200.00 then the $200.00 Asphalt/Chipseal Cut Fee will apply. Patches must be milled and inlaid to restore the roadway.

4For road cuts on gravel roadways that have been treated with Calcium Chloride, Magnesium Chloride, Lignin Sulfonate, Exhesion, or other chemical dust suppressant within the last 12 months. This fee applies to all roads within public rights-of-way in Larimer County.

NOTE: These fees in no way release the applicant from restoring roadways to original or better condition. The street cut fees are in addition to the Base Application Fee and Linear Footage Fee. All fees are cumulative. Fees will not be charged for utility relocations due to capital improvements projects.


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