Legislative Advocacy

Advocacy is important to the provision of healthcare in our community. From a nursing standpoint, there are organizations that represent nurses and health care facilities in Colorado.

Locally, the Northern Colorado Legislative Alliance reviews legislation that impacts businesses and our regional local economy. A subset of this committee reviews healthcare legislation from a business and community impact standpoint.

Nursing Shortage Program Partners

Addressing the current nursing shortage, will take healthcare professionals, administrators and other community partners working collaboratively. 

Northern Colorado Health Sector Partnership
The Northern Colorado Health Sector Partnership brings together key stakeholders to promote and improve health within our communities. We will collaborate across disciplines, organizations and communities to seize opportunities, solve problems and celebrate successes in the region.

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Imagining, Innovating and Transforming the National Nursing Workforce

Sharing in-depth analyses of the issues and innovative initiatives will help colleagues, academicians, and policy makers work collectively to make significant strides in addressing this public health issue. This national conference will focus on these key issues that affect the nursing workforce shortage.

Conference Objectives

The National Forum of Nursing Workforce Centers conference explored strategies, policy, and advocacy related to the nursing workforce related to:

  • K-12 pipeline
  • Pre-requisite education, pre-nursing pathways
  • Pre-licensure education at the RN and APRN levels
  • Health and well-being of the nursing workforce
  • Upskilling the workforce through academic and/or mentoring programs
  • Optimizing the nursing workforce
  • Workforce data

Opening Keynote Presentation - The Power of Nursing- Past, Present & Future by Rebecca Love, RN, BS, MSN, FIEL

Rebecca Love is the Chief Clinical Officer of IntelyCare. She is passionate about empowering nurses and creating communities to help nurses innovate, create, and collaborate to start businesses and inventions to transform healthcare. Her keynote presentation was an inspirational reminder of the power nurses have and how they can be positive disruptors in today’s healthcare field.

Other presenters included Carole Johnson, the Health Resources and Services (HRSA) Administrator who provided updates on the state of the nursing workforce.

There were many sessions taught by nurses, human resources directors, academic leaders, etc.  who addressed the conference objectives.



Melissa Henry, UNC Director of Nursing and Carol Salter, Larimer County Economic and Workforce Development Nursing Shortage Program manager presented at the Nurse Well Being Conference which was held in Northern Colorado on February 2, 2023.

Well-being and resilience of the nursing workforce is critical to the health of our communities. As part of a larger work to strategize regional solutions surrounding the nursing shortage, a team of industry, education, and workforce leaders developed a conference to support and celebrate nurses and to provide them with strategies to use in their workplaces. A regional health sector partnership strategized solutions surrounding the nursing workforce shortage, leading to the development of a nursing consortium in spring 2022. The consortium prioritized industry and education issues contributing to the regional shortage of nurses. Nurses’ well-being and resilience was identified as the most significant issue contributing to the shortage in the region. To address this need, a conference was developed as one of several strategies identified and implemented in the region.

Carol was able to connect with many state nursing workforce center leaders and learned how the nursing shortage impacted their states and the steps they are taking to address this need. Resources from the conference include:

Nurse Well Being Conference 

Over 150 nurses, nurse aides and others attended the Nurse Well Being Conference on February 2, 2023 at The Ranch Events Complex in Loveland, Colorado. The goal of the event was to inspire and support nursing students, current nurses, and inactive nurses. The event was hosted by the Industry-Education Nursing Consortium of the Northern Colorado Health Sector Partnership.

Thank you to the 2023 Nurse Well Being Conference Sponsors

Presenting: McKee Wellness Foundation
Gold: University of Northern Colorado School of Nursing
Silver: Aims Community College, City of Fort Collins, City of Greeley, City of Johnstown, City of Loveland, Columbine Health Systems, Fort Collins Chamber of Commerce, Town of Windsor, University of Colorado College of Nursing, Larimer County, Weld County
Bronze: Banner Health, Colorado State University College of Health and Human Sciences, Loveland Chamber of Commerce, Northern Colorado Long Term Acute Hospital, Northern Colorado Rehab Hospital, UCHealth, The Weld Trust.

Photo of Carol Salter

Connect with the Nursing Shortage Program

Carol Salter, Nursing Shortage Program Manager

Email: csalter@larimer.org
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