The Larimer County 4-H Cat project is designed to provide an opportunity to handle, care for and learn about cats.  Members learn responsibility, leadership, communication and the importance of keeping accurate records.  Typically, 4-H members care for a cat their family already owned for this project.

Members may:

  • Participate in educational and hands-on workshops.
  • Show their cat at the Larimer County Fair
  • Create a display board to show at the Larimer County Fair

Why Sign Up for the Cat Project?

This project may be a good fit for youth who are interested in the following career pathways:

  • Small animal veterinarian
  • Veterinary technician/ assistant
  • Professional cat catcher


A teenager walks her cat on a leash.


The cat project currently has 3 units.  Typically 4-H members start out in Unit 1 their first year and work up to Unit 3 their 3rd year.

Unit 1: 

Inspiring youth to:

  • Gather information about owning a cat
  • Decide on best type of cat Properly groom a cat
  • Communicate procedure and benefits of spaying/neutering
  • Use body type to help identify different breeds
  • Name, locate and describe at least 15 body parts
  • Conduct a cat hazards home survey
  • Decide on type of liter preferred
  • Develop a budget
  • Create an up-to-date record of vaccinations

Unit 2

Inspiring youth to:

  • Learn more about cat identification
  • Learn about training and showing cats
  • Gain knowledge about responsible cat ownership

Unit 3

Inspiring youth to:

  • Compare aged vs younger cat
  • Identify cat's body system
  • Organize a cat show
  • Conduct showmanship clinic
  • Learn and record community cat laws
  • Assess own leadership skills
  • Teach cat activity


All project manuals are received through the Larimer County 4-H Extension office. These will be distributed to 4-H members through their organizational leaders (club leaders) after enrollment is complete. For more information on enrollment visit Join 4-H.

Cat Projects Volunteers Needed


Larimer County 4-H is seeking volunteers to support the Cat Project. Volunteers will work with the Cat Key Leader & the Extension Agent to coordinate educational workshops and other educational resources in their project area for members county-wide. In the Cat project, youth learn about cat breeds, behavior, good health, grooming, feeding, and more. The project is open to youth 8-18 years old. If you are interested in supporting educational programming for youth in the Cat Project, please contact us to learn more.


Thinking about signing up for the Cat Project? Already enrolled but have questions? Contact us.

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