4-H at The Larimer County Fair

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Includes, but is not limited to any of the following; camping, rock climbing, canoeing, mountaineering, first aid, outdoor cookery, topographic map reading, and outdoor survival. 

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All project manuals are received through the Larimer County 4-H Extension office. These will be distributed to 4-H members through their organizational leaders (club leaders) after enrollment is complete. 




4 -H Record Books are also called e-Records. Each project has its own record book that members are required to complete each year. The links to e-Records in the specific project areas are below. Record books are turned in at Interview Judging before our County Fair. In June, you will need to schedule an interview for each of your project areas and bring your record book with you to Interview Judging the week of the Larimer County 4-H Fair.


We have more information about how to fill out your record books here.

2023 - 2024 Record Book (PDF) 

2023 - 2024 Record Book (DOCX)

Project units are designed for members 8-18 years old.

Unit 1 - Hiking Trails

Inspiring youth to:

  • Learn hiking essentials
  • Learn how to plan a healthy hike
  • Learn the "Leave No Trace" behind ethic
  • Learn about finding shelter and observing nature

Unit 2 - Camping Adventures

Inspiring youth to:

  • Learn about camping gear
  • Learn to find the right camping spot
  • Camping cuisine
  • Learn how to care for nature

Unit 3 - Backpacking Expeditions

Inspiring youth to:

  • Learn to plan a healthy and safe backpacking trip
  • Apply the "Leave No Trace" ethic when backpacking
  • Learn to find your way
  • Train for your trip

Thinking about signing up for the Outdoor Adventure Project? Already enrolled but have questions? Contact us.

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