Larimer County Air Quality Virtual Community Update

On June 9, 2022, the Larimer County Department of Health & Environment provided an overview of air quality in Larimer County, including the sources and contributors to ground-level ozone, potential health impacts of poor outdoor air quality, public health’s role in addressing air quality issues, and information about how residents can help improve air quality in Larimer County. View the recording here.

The Larimer County Department of Health & Environment focuses on improving outdoor air quality in Larimer County by: 

  • Performing ambient air monitoring for carbon monoxide, ozone, particulates-PM10 and PM 2.5
  • Inspecting minor stationary sources permitted through the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, Air Pollution Control Division
  • Performing CFC compliance inspections
  • Issuing open burn permits
  • Investigating air quality complaints

We are not directly involved with the Mobile Emissions Program which regulates automobile emissions and other transportation issues.

Indoor Air Quality is not regulated in private residences.




For businesses that might need air quality permits for their businesses, visit the State Department of Public Health Small Business Assistance Program.

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Environmental Health Specialist 

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Environmental Health Specialist

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