Supply Requests

Agencies and organizations may request COVID-19 Rapid Tests and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) through the health department's Emergency Preparedness and Response Program. To submit a request please email hae-resourcerequest@co.larimer.co.us. Due to changes in supply quantities and availability, requests may be partially or fully fulfilled, depending upon the urgency and severity of the need. 


Households can also request free at-home COVID-19 tests from the federal government. 


Learn more about testing resources for the general public on our testing webpage


The Larimer County Department of Health and Environment's Emergency Preparedness and Response Program (EPR) leads efforts in preventing, responding to, and recovering from emergencies that impact public health. These emergencies can be natural (wildfires, blizzards, flooding) or a disease outbreak (pandemic influenza, West Nile virus, or meningococcal disease) or man-made (acts of terrorism or hazardous materials spill).

The Health Department's EPR staff increases preparedness within the department and the community by planning for public health emergencies, providing training and exercises, and educating the public. The EPR Program also collaborates with the County's Emergency Management Office and other local, state, federal, and non-profit agencies to prepare and respond to a wide range of emergency events in Larimer County.

Be Prepared

Preparedness and planning

Preparing for evacuation

Anyone in Larimer County might be asked to evacuate their homes for a fire or an emergency at any time. Are you prepared? Here are some checklists so that you can be ready BEFORE you need to leave your home.

Emergency management in Larimer County

Assistance in Larimer County during an emergency or outbreak

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