LCDHE works closely with community partners to coordinate, collaborate, and address emerging issues or gaps in services and resources. Supporting community partners by facilitating workgroups, sharing initiatives, and connecting organizations, including non-profits, government agencies, businesses, and funders.

EnFoCo works collaboratively to create healthier communities by:

  • Bringing together partners working on built environment and coordinating work plans and outreach to prevent confusion and engagement fatigue among community members.
  • Sharing community engagement best practices, data and information, and providing feedback on current projects to better understand community needs and disparities related to the built environment.
  • Strategically leveraging individual groups’ accomplishments to bring value to one another’s projects, and developing joint projects to keep work alive independently of individual groups’ funding.

For more information or to join EnFoco please reach out to our team via email at: healthpartnerships@co.larimer.co.us

Learn more about the 2024-2029 Larimer County Community Health Improvement Plan here. 

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Healthy Larimer Committee 
The Healthy Larimer Committee is a group of people with diverse lived experience, developed out of the 2018 Community Health Improvement Plan who guide and advise on the actionable priorities within the Office of Public Health Planning and Partnerships. 

The Healthy Larimer Committee reviews projects and proposals from a variety of community and partner agencies to provide their expertise.  To request a review or to present to the Healthy Larimer Committee, please submit this form

Strategic Planning, Health Equity, and Partnerships