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Larimer County Department of Health and Environment (LCDHE) works closely with community partners to coordinate, collaborate, and address emerging issues or gaps in services and resources. Our team supports community partners by facilitating workgroups, sharing initiatives, and connecting organizations; non-profits, government agencies, businesses, funders. 

EnFoco Working Group

EnFoCo works collaboratively to create healthier communities by:

  • Bringing together partners working on built environment and coordinating work plans and outreach to prevent confusion and engagement fatigue among community members.
  • Sharing community engagement best practices, data and information, and providing feedback on current projects to better understand community needs and disparities related to the built environment.
  • Strategically leveraging individual groups’ accomplishments to bring value to one another’s projects, and developing joint projects to keep work alive independently of individual groups’ funding.

For more information or to join EnFoco please reach out to Kimberly Baker.

Partnership and Special Project Highlights

LCDHE partnered with the three school districts to host a large summit focused on developing an action plan to support youth and their mental health needs.  This summit effort was lead by Thompson School District, with LCDHE providing resources to increase youth voice in the conversation and to facilitate break out discussions.

Office of Public Health Planning and Partnership

Contact Kelsey Lyon
Health Planning and Partnership Supervisor