Parks and Open Spaces
Any event/activity taking place in Department of Natural Resources areas that may require special planning or scheduling; may significantly impact natural and cultural resources; or may significantly impact departmental values, norms, liabilities, and/or visitor expectations. This permit is governed by departmental policy DNR-08 Special Activities on Larimer County Parks and Open Spaces Properties. (If you are interested in making a group pavilion reservation, please visit resources for more information regarding events and weddings at our parks and open spaces.) 
Please visit the County's Special Event application page for more info:

Short-term concessionaire permit requests (such as tour groups, on-site vendors, etc.) require a license to utilize Larimer County Parks and Open Spaces for business operations: Please contact Carolyn Rasmus for more information. 

If you are looking to reserve more than five campsites for a group program or event, please contact and provide the following info: Group Size, Event Description, Program Activities, Dates of trip, and preferred location. 

Group Reservation requests are typically not approved between Memorial Day - Labor Day (peak season). 

For more information about camping with Larimer County Natural Resources, please visit

Sky View Campground at Carter Lake is now open for reservations! This group electric campground can accommodate up to 40 people per pod or 120 people total. Visit the Sky View page for more info. 

Pavilions are available at multiple Natural Resource properties. For more information, visit our Pavilion page here. To reserve a pavilion, please visit

Hunting on Red Mountain Open Space and Soapstone Prairie Natural Area is managed by Larimer County Natural Resources and City of Fort Collins Natural Areas. The Special Access Hunting Permit Application is available online annually in February, with the drawing in the first week of March. For more info, visit the Red Mountain Hunting page. 


  1. If you are having 20 or less people attend a wedding ceremony, you can look into a photography permit.

    If you want to reserve a pavilion for a reception of 20-150 people, please visit our Group Pavilion info page.

    If the event you have in mind does not fit those categories, then check out the Special Event application online

    Also, you can visit this page for information about weddings at Hermit Park Open Space.

  2. Due to the business/commercial nature of these requests, the County requires a Certificate of Insurance that names the Department of Natural Resources as an additional insured. It is just an extra level for protection for all parties involved, and it should not cost you anything extra on top of your business insurance policy.