Group Volunteers support Larimer County Department of Natural Resources (LCDNR) by working alongside staff on facility, maintenance & stewardship projects. 

Request a Group Volunteer Project

Group Volunteer Projects are a great way for your local business, recreational, social, youth, school or community group to give back to their public lands while working outside as a team with Larimer County Natural Resources staff. Your group can positively impact the community & environment by helping with facility, maintenance, & stewardship projects such as trail maintenance, wildlife habitat improvements, tree and shrub planting, campground renovations, and more. 

Group of volunteers posing for photo after completing a volunteer project.
Three people standing at Horsetooth Reservoir holding trash bags after completing a litter clean up.
Group of volunteers posing for photo after completing a volunteer project.
  • Be an integral part of promoting LCDNR's mission and fostering stewardship values
  • A fun opportunity for team building, networking, and encouraging camaraderie
  • Learn from experienced staff
  • Be physically active outdoors
  • Know that you are making a difference and a visible impact
  • Your group's efforts will be recognized in special events,
  • letters, and other volunteer recognition resources
  • A day parking pass is provided for projects.  Group Volunteers are welcome to use it after the project and enjoy the park or open space for the day. (Dependent upon parking availability)
  • Provide a minimum of 10 volunteers per project. If your group cannot fill this requirement then LCDNR will be allowed to supplement with LCDNR volunteers. (It will be up to staff's discretion if the project can be completed with less than 10 volunteers)
  • Use, LCDNR's volunteer software, to request a project.  Six (6) weeks' notice is preferred. A minimum of two (2) weeks' notice is required. (The request form link can also be found on our volunteer webpage:
  • Must abide by park regulations and safety guidelines
  • Understanding and acceptance of the potential risks for this volunteer position such as inclement weather, potentially dangerous rattlesnake or other wildlife encounters, and injuries resulting from the physical duties associated with a project.
Group Volunteer Projects are dependent on the current needs of the department. 
  • Follow guidance, directions, and safety instructions of LCDNR staff
  • Be friendly, courteous, and respectful of staff, visitors, & fellow volunteers
  • Have all project volunteers sign the Liability Release form on the day of the project
  • Arrive on time & prepared to work
  • Dress appropriately and bring necessary supplies for the project. Typically, this includes wearing sturdy closed-toed shoes, sun protection (hat, sunglasses, sunscreen), water, snacks/lunch, clothing layers for variable weather conditions, work gloves, and anything else you'll need for a day outdoors.
  • Contact the Volunteer Specialist at least 48 hours in advance if your group needs to cancel the project for any reason
  • All tools and project materials are provided
  • LCDNR staff will communicate any changes to the project date, location or scope of work to the group's leader or point of contact. We will also record volunteer hours and outcomes of each project
  • Any training will be provided at the start of each project
  • Training will cover appropriate tool use & safety
  • Projects and dates vary and typically occur on weekdays. Opportunities are available March – October. Saturday & Sunday projects may be available on occasion if requested.
  • Projects are typically scheduled 9 am - 12 pm or 1 pm - 4 pm.
  • Trail maintenance projects are available on the weekdays or on the third Saturday of each month from May through October. Projects are scheduled, typically, from 8:00 am – 2:00 pm. We can potentially accommodate an early evening project as well.
  • If you are not sure of a specific date or time, in the Special
  • Accommodations section of the request, provide a range of dates and we'll
  • do our best to work with you. We cannot guarantee accommodation of all requests.

 If no project is available, your group can schedule an Independent Litter Cleanup (always one of our biggest needs) or we will keep your request on a waitlist for possible future opportunities. 

  1. Submit a Group Volunteer Request
  2. Be matched with an available project
  3. Receive a confirmation email with details about the project
  4. Two weeks prior to the project date, confirm the number of volunteers in your group and project schedule
  5. Arrive at the project location and have fun while giving back to your community!

To request a Group Volunteer Project, select the Request a Group Volunteer Project link. To complete the request form, please create a free account in Offero (name, email, and phone number are all that is required). 

Know Before You Request

  • Group Volunteer Projects are dependent on the needs of the department. 
  • Six (6) weeks notice is preferred. A minimum of two (2) weeks notice is required. 
  • A group has a minimum of ten (10) volunteers.
  • Weekdays from March - October (Saturday & Sunday projects may be available on occasion.) 
  • Projects are typically scheduled 9 am - 12 pm or 1 pm - 4 pm. 
  • Dogs or other pets are not allowed. 
  • Parking passes will be provided. 
  • If no project is available, your group can schedule an Independent Litter Cleanup. 


Help us keep our open spaces beautiful and sustainable by picking up litter. Independent cleanups are intended for groups who wish to organize themselves and volunteer on their own schedule. We are looking for volunteers to helps us clean up trails, parking lots, and day-use areas. Best times are Sunday afternoons or Monday - Thursday mornings. However, with Independent Litter Cleanups you can schedule a time that works best for your group. Litter pick up materials provided upon request. Group Volunteer Project request required. 

The Larimer County Natural Resources Volunteer Program is not obligated to provide a placement, nor are you obligated to accept the position offered. Opportunities for volunteers are provided without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex or age. Larimer County is committed to equality of opportunity.

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Education and Volunteer Specialist
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