The Larimer County Weed District has selective herbicides available for purchase with no additional paperwork required. The Weed District is committed to offering herbicides that are proven to be the most effective with the least environmental impact. The Weed District promotes and encourages proper weed management practices on lands within the Weed District and will have herbicides on hand or available for you to order. Recognizing that the cost of weed management can be a deterrent to landowners in implementing management practices, we have established the following cost-share program.

Eligible Lands

Only taxable lands lying within the boundaries of the Larimer County Weed District are eligible for Weed District cost-share funds.

The LCWD will reimburse a portion of herbicide application, mechanical methods, or a combination of both that meet the following stipulations:

  • Any mechanical treatment and/or any herbicide treatment or herbicide purchased from a retailer other than the Larimer County Weed District MUST be pre-authorized by the Weed District Staff. 
  • The cap on all reimbursements is $1,000.00 per landowner.
  • For residents within the Weed District, a 25% cost share on labor and herbicides.
  • A copy of the itemized receipt must be included with completed Cost Share form.
  • Documentation with before and after photos of mechanical treatments (mowing, weeding by hand or animal grazing)  must be included with completed Cost Share form.
  • For residents within the Weed District wishing to purchase herbicides at the Weed District office, a 25% discount will be applied at the time of their purchase with no paperwork required.
  • All requests for Cost Share funds must be pre-approved through the LCWD. The LCWD offers free site visits to identify plants, make management recommendations and offer free estimates, insuring that the proper treatment and timing is used to minimize the environmental impact. Please contact us at: 970-498-5768 for an appointment.
  • No products for baregrounding purposes.
  • No crop, turf, or ornamental sites will be reimbursed.
  • Properties enrolled in the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) are not eligible.
  • Sales tax is not eligible for reimbursement. 
  • Any mechanical treatment and/or any herbicide purchased from a retailer other than the Larimer County Weed District must be pre-authorized by the Weed District through a free site visit. Property owners can call the LCWD at (970) 498-5768 to set up an appointment.
  • Applications must be received by December 10 of the calendar year in which treatment was made. 
  • Previous years receipts cannot be reimbursed.

Cost-share requests that have not pre-qualified with our office will not be reimbursed.

  • Mechanical treatment refers to the process of mowing or weeding either by hand, animal grazing, or machine (mower).
  • Chemical control is the process of applying an herbicide, in the appropriate amounts, to the noxious weed. Timing and application rate are crucial for successful control. Again, application rate is critical; more does not necessarily mean better control. Always read the label when applying an herbicide. Find out more information on how to calibrate your sprayer.
  • Include all receipts, cost share application form and other documentation and mail to LCWD.
  • Please allow 4-6 weeks to receive reimbursement.

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