Organizations incorporated under the laws of this state for the purposes of a social, fraternal, patriotic, political, or athletic nature, and not for financial gain, are allowed to sell alcohol, by the drink only, of fermented malt beverages, malt, spirituous, or vinous liquors with a liquor license special event permit.

Collecting a fee to attend or participate in an event or selling the alcohol by the drink constitutes "selling alcohol".

If your event requires a special event permit, you will need to start by filling out a special event permit application through the Larimer County Planning Department as governed by the Land Use Code. Any questions regarding requirements on special event permits should be directed to Planning.  The application can be found at

The special event permit application will ask if you plan to serve alcohol at your event. If you answer yes, then the application will be routed to our office for approval. You may fill out the Special Event Permit (Form 8439) with supporting documents and attach it to the special event application or visit the Clerk and Recorder office at 200 West Oak Street, 1st floor, Fort Collins, in the Recording Department at least 30 days prior to your event with the following:

  • Application for a Special Event Permit (Form DR 8439)
  • $100 per event non-refundable fee payable by cash, check, or credit and debit card (subject to 3.5% convenience fee).
  • 8.5” X 11" diagram of the area to be licensed, reflecting bars, walls, partitions, ingress, egress, dimensions, and where alcohol will be stored during the event. If the event is to be held outside, please explain intended control measures, i.e. fencing, ropes, barriers, etc., and highlight the perimeter of the licensed area.
  • Copy of the deed, lease or written permission from the owner for use of the premises which includes that date(s) of the event and the property address as well as acknowledgment from the property owner that alcohol will be served.
  • Certificate of good corporate standing issued by the Colorado Secretary of State.

Our office will provide you with a poster that must be posted at the location of the event for at least 10 days prior to the date of your event notifying neighboring properties of the sale and consumption of alcohol. The application requires local approval only. Once the application is complete it is submitted for review and approval by the Larimer County Commissioners.


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