Keep Colorado Wild

Starting January 1st, 2023, Colorado residents will be charged $29 for a Keep Colorado Wild Pass during their annual vehicle registration. Residents can opt-out or decline the pass annually when registering a passenger vehicle, light truck, motorcycle, and/or recreational vehicle. Click here for more details

What do I need?

  • You must be an owner or an agent of the owner
    • If the owner is a business, the agent acting on behalf of the business must provide a letter of authorization
    • If the owner is an individual who will not be present at the appointment, the acting agent must have a valid power of attorney
  • Driver’s License or other Secure and Verifiable Identification (SVID) 
  • If the vehicle was financed, a valid release of lien from the lienholder
  • Payment - additional fees apply for credit/debit card payments
  • Additional items may be required. Please have all paperwork related to your vehicle available at the time of service 

Instead of visiting our office, you have the following options:

If you prefer to complete this transaction in person, appointments are highly recommended. If you do not find an appointment time that works for you, walk-in service is available during business hours