Keep Colorado Wild

Starting January 1st, 2023, Colorado residents will be charged $29 for a Keep Colorado Wild Pass during their annual vehicle registration. Residents can opt-out or decline the pass annually when registering a passenger vehicle, light truck, motorcycle, and/or recreational vehicle. Click here for more details

What do I need?

Instead of visiting our office, you have the following options:

If the title has already been processed into your name, you can either complete your first-time registration:

  • Online - If you do not have a valid temporary registration, please call us before using this service 
  • By phone - This service is available to the owner of record only; agents acting on behalf of an individual or business must present appropriate items in person 

If you prefer to complete this transaction in person, appointments are highly recommended. If you do not find an appointment time that works for you, walk-in service is available during business hours