A title is required to sell a vehicle in Colorado. You, as seller, and any other party listed on the title as owner, must sign on the "signature of seller" portion of the title. Some states use titles which require notarization of the seller's signature. If you are unsure about the need for notarization, please call the motor vehicle office at (970) 498-7878. The signature of the seller must match the name of the owner exactly as it is printed on the title. If a selling party's name has been signed off by a power of attorney, that document is also required.


  • If the title reads John and Mary A. Jones, then the signatures on the title must read: John and Mary A. Jones.
  • If the title reads John Albert Jones, Jr., then the signature on the title must read: John Albert Jones, Jr.
  • If the title reads Smith, John, then the signature must be made on the title in the normal written order. The first name written first, then the last name: John Smith.

After the seller's signature has been notarized (if necessary), have the buyer enter their name on the "convey to" portion of the title exactly as they want their name to appear on the title. The buyer then must present the title to the motor vehicle office in order to complete the transfer.

In addition to the properly signed and notarized title, you, as the seller, should give the buyer a bill of sale which contains the perjury clause.

Change of Ownership requires a new passing emissions certificate supplied by the seller at the time of sale. Vehicles 1982 and newer will receive a test which is valid for 2 years. Vehicles 1981 and older will receive a test valid for 1 year. Vehicles are exempt emissions if purchased during the first 7 model years of the vehicle.

Lastly, the seller of the vehicle should always keep their license plates. The plates are not to stay with the vehicle. It is the responsibility of the new owner to obtain either license plates or a temporary registration.