Stormwater is any precipitation that collects in a natural or constructed storage or transport system following a storm event.

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The Army Corps of Engineers has regulatory authority under laws that have the purpose to restore and maintain the chemical, physical, and biological integrity of waters through the control of discharges of dredged or filled materials as well as to protect the navigable capacity of our nation’s waters. 

The Center for Watershed Protection works with local, state, and federal governmental agencies, watershed organizations, and the general public to provide objective and scientifically sound information on effective techniques to protect and restore urban watersheds. 

The Colorado Department of Public Heath and Environment is tasked with protecting and maintaining the health and environment of the citizens of Colorado.

The Colorado Stormwater Center at Colorado State University provides stormwater-related education, training and research with the goal of maintaining and improving the health of lakes, rivers and streams through proper stormwater management.

The Colorado Stormwater Council is dedicated to keeping Colorado water clean by joining local municipalities and organizations together in order to create innovative stormwater programs in compliance with state and federal regulation.

The Colorado Water Conservation Board (CWBC) represents each major water basin, Denver and other state agencies in effort to use water wisely and protect our water for future generations.

The Department of Health and Environment for Larimer County provides community health and environmental services, communicable disease control, health education, vital records management, health data assessment, development of policies that advance the public’s health, and advocacy for community-based services that provide needed health care.  

The Mile High Flood District  partners with metro cities and counties to design and construct flood control and warning measures, open space, regional paths, and remove trash and debris in our streams. You can find their Urban Storm Drainage Criteria Manual on their website.

The National Association of Home Builders is a trade association that helps promote the policies that make housing a national priority. 

The Environmental Protection Agency is the prominent agency for protecting the environment from air and water pollution and for protecting the citizens of the United States from the health hazards of pollution.

The US Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) is the principal US Federal agency tasked with providing information to the public on the status and trends of our Nation's wetlands. The US FWS National Wetlands Inventory is a publicly available resource that provides detailed information on the abundance, characteristics, and distribution of US wetlands.

Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA)
Per the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Larimer County will provide a reasonable accommodation to qualified individuals with a disability who need assistance. Services can be arranged with at least seven business days' notice. Please email us at eng-general@co.larimer.co.us or by calling (970) 498-5700 or Relay Colorado 711. "Walk-in" requests for auxiliary aids and services will be honored to the extent possible but may be unavailable if advance notice is not provided.



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  • Larimer County Stormwater Quality and Erosion & Sediment Complaints and Concerns

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Emergency Events Needing Immediate Response:

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  • Emergency Spill Hotline - Sheriff's Dispatch     (970) 416-1985 or call 911



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