• Have you wanted to explore the habitats of bees? 
  • Do you wonder which plants bees like to pollinate? 
  • Do you want to know how bees make honey? 

Then the 4-H Beekeeping project is right up your alley. You will learn about the world of bees and have fun doing it.

Bees fly around a hive
  • You will need to attend the beekeeping project workshops. 
  • We prefer that members have their own full bee suit for hive work. 
  • If you want to raise your own hive, you will need to order a bee package (if needed) by April. 
  • If you raise a hive and choose to sell the honey, you will need additional licenses (such as a sales tax license and/or Cottage Foods License). 

4 -H Record Books are also called e-Records. Each project has its own record book that members are required to complete each year. The links to e-Records in the specific project areas are below. Record books are turned in at Interview Judging before our County Fair. In June, you will need to schedule an interview for each of your project areas and bring your record book with you to Interview Judging the week of the Larimer County 4-H Fair.


We have more information about how to fill out your record books here.




Project units 1-3 are designed for members 8-18 years old.

Unit 1:

Inspiring youth to:

  • Shadow an experienced beekeeper and learn to use equipment, open the hive, and clean up procedures.
  • Learn about the history of beekeeping and why honey bees are valuable
  • Learn about the three different types of honey bees, their anatomy and life stages
  • Observe what happens at the entrance of a hive. See the different activities of the honey bee.
  • Catalogue various species of flowers and observe the bees landing on the blooms.

Unit 2:

Inspiring youth to:

  • Learn the various ways of obtaining bees and take care of a beehive of your own
  • Learn about the various diseases and mites common to honey bees
  • Visit Beekeepers Association meetings and join a community of beekeepers
  • Keep records of the honey bees activities. their conditions, equipment, finances, and your labor
  • Learn how to manage a bee hive and how to keep them alive and healthy
  • Learn how to extract honey

Unit 3:

Inspiring youth to:

  • Learn advanced techniques for taking care of bee hives.
  • Learn how to keep a strong, populous colonies with young queens and the art of labeling your queens and requeening when needed
  • Learn how to manage mites and other issues with the honey bees.
  • Keep record sheets of your work and expenses.
  • Learn how to split colonies and increase your hive numbers

Thinking about signing up for the Beekeeping Project? Already enrolled but have questions? Contact us.

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