The goal of the Tobacco Prevention program is to prevent disease, disability and death caused by tobacco. We try to prevent and reduce tobacco use among kids and adults. We work to decrease tobacco smoke exposure for people living in, working in, and visiting Larimer County. Funding for this project was provided (in part) by Amendment 35 Tobacco Education Prevention, and Cessation Grant Program funding. The views expressed do not necessarily reflect the official policies or, nor does the mention of imply endorsement by, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.  


Truth: Nicotine use causes stress. Regular use of nicotine causes changes in the brain that make it harder to relieve stress.  If  you use nicotine, even for a short time, you will likely experience increased stress, anxiety and feelings of depression. 


Truth: Vaping or smoking increases anxiety. When you are used to using nicotine and stop, cravings for more nicotine increase anxiety until you use again.  The up and down cycle of use/no use and a growing dependence also means growing anxiety.


Truth: According to the Truth Initiative research shows that within 2 weeks of quitting, mood including depression and anxiety improves. Stopping nicotine when you are used to it can create withdrawal symptoms (which include irritability, anxiety or depression) which are often misinterpreted as increased stress.  These symptoms will decrease and end with time.


Truth:  Both youth and adults want to be in control of their health and future. 65% of Larimer County high school students (including 53% who vape) tried to quit in the last year (Healthy Kids Colorado 2021).