Applying for an Acceptance Document

If the property being sold does not meet one of the criteria below, an Acceptance Document for the existing on-site wastewater treatment system is required. 

The system received final approval less than three years from the date of the request for an Acceptance Document;

  1. The change in ownership is not an arm’s length transaction where a buyer and seller are acting in their own self-interest (transfers between family members, estate transactions, foreclosures, etc.) 
  2. The change in ownership is creating or ending a joint ownership as long as one person is an original owner and/or the spouse, parent, or child of an original owner. 
  3. The transfer is to a trust or limited liability company where the original owner is a member. 
  4. The transfer is a result of a foreclosure or forfeiture. However the subsequent transfer from the foreclosing entity does require inspection and an Acceptance Document. 

Prior to applying for an Acceptance Document the system must be inspected. A system that passes inspection will be issued an Acceptance Document that is good for 12 months. 

If the inspection report indicates repairs are necessary, those must be completed prior to applying for the Acceptance Document or if the Purchaser will be responsible for repairs  a Conditional Acceptance Document may be issued with an Agreement to Repair or Inspect from the Purchaser. 

If the property cannot be inspected due to weather conditions an Agreement to Repair or Inspect may be completed and uploaded with a request for a Conditional Acceptance Document.  

Apply for Acceptance Document