Environmental Planning works to insure that public health issues are adequately considered in land use planning decisions by:

  • Reviewing proposed residential and commercial developments submitted to the County Planning Division.
  • Consulting with developers and interested citizens about environmental and health related impacts of development proposals.
  • Serving on the County's development review team. The team consists of staff members from departments with responsibilities for land use issues. The team provides consultation and feedback to citizens with development applications to help insure that proposals meet required standards.
  • Testifying at County Planning Commission and Board of Commissioner land use hearings about the public health aspects of development proposals.
  • Participating in the County's Partnership Land Use System (PLUS) which is striving to develop new ways to involve citizens in the land use decision-making process.

About Environmental Reviews

The Department reviews all land use proposals submitted to the County Planning Department, and selected proposals in those cities that request review. The list of reviewed items varies according to the type of development that is proposed. In most cases the provision of water and sewer, and air and water pollution impacts are important issues. In some cases other issues such as noise levels, effects of power lines, horse pasture management, agricultural impacts, prairie dogs or waste disposal are included in the review.

Reports prepared by the Department's Environmental Planner are public record. Please call 498-6777 if you would like to obtain a report on a specific development proposal.

Environmental Health Planner

Lea Schneider
(970) 498-6776