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Birth and death certificates can also be obtained online, by mail, or by fax using the information and resources on this page.

Si usted habla Español, y tiene preguntas, por favor llame a este número 970-498-6710.

Hours: 8 am - 12 p.m. and 1 p.m. - 4:15 p.m. Monday through Friday, except County holidays.
The Larimer County Vital Records office is closed daily from 12 p.m. - 1 p.m. In-person services are by appointment only. Please call to schedule. 

1525 Blue Spruce Drive
Fort Collins, CO, 80524
(970) 498-6710

We issue certified copies of death certificates only for deaths which occurred in Colorado.

Ways to Receive a Death Certificate

  • In person: You will need to fill out an application and present a current, valid photo ID.  
  • Mail: Print and fill out the application. Attach a copy of your current, valid photo ID. 
    • Send to Larimer County Vital Records, 1525 Blue Spruce Drive, Fort Collins, CO 80524. 
  • Online: Through VitalChek. You will be verifying your identification through this online system. A $7.50 surcharge applies if using Vitalchek.

Valid ID Requirements

  • All requests must have a valid ID submitted with the application. See ID list for proper documentation. (English) (Spanish
    • Important note: Additional documentation may be required as proof of eligibility. (English) (Spanish

Types of Death Certificates

  • Standard - Full entire death record
  • Legal - All legal and no medical information
  • Verification - Limited legal information and no medical information


A certified copy of a death certificate is $20.00 for the first copy and $13.00 for each additional copy of the same record ordered at the same time. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

  • Current Spouse: Must be listed on the death certificate.
  • Parent: Must be listed on the death certificate.
  • Funeral Establishment: Must be listed on the death certificate.
  • Children/Grandchildren/Great-Grandchildren: Birth certificate(s) and/or death certificate(s) showing relationship is required. 
  • Grandparents/Great-Grandparents: Birth certificate(s) and/or death certificate(s) to show proof of relationship is required (cannot accept baptismal, hospital records, or school records). 
  • Siblings/Half-Siblings: Birth or death certificates proving at least one parent in common (cannot accept baptismal, hospital records, or school records).

If your relationship to the decedent is not listed above. Please contact our Larimer County Vital Records Office for more information on requirements for eligibility. Our office can issue all Colorado death records from 2014 to current. Deaths that occurred outside Larimer/Jackson County from 1975-2013 cannot be processed the same day. Requesting access to those records for issuance can take our office several business days. Deaths that did not occur in Larimer/Jackson County prior to 1975 must be obtained by either the county of where the death occurred or through the State of Colorado Vital Records Office. 

Larimer county cannot make any changes/corrections to Colorado death certificates. All changes/corrections must be processed through the State of Colorado Vital Records office at 303-692-2200 (cdphe.colorado.gov). 

  • Standard or "Long": This record lists all of the legal and medical information. 
  • Legal: This record lists all of the legal items, but does not contain any medical information.
  • Verification: This record lists a limited number of legal information and no medical information. The following are the items listed on a verification: State File Number, Decedent's Name, Sex, Social Security Number (last 4 digits), Age, Date of Death, Time of Death, City of Death, County of Death, Maritial/Union Status, Spouse/Partner Name, Decedent's Residence, Date Filed.

Our Fort Collins location is the only vital records office in Larimer and Jackson County. Our offices in Loveland and Estes Park do not offer vital record services. 

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