Adopted and Effective June 21, 2021

Adopted July 29, 2021 and Effective September 15, 2021

Adopted September 27, 2021 and Effective November 1, 2021

Adopted October 25, 2021 and Effective November 1, 2021


Larimer County Land Use Code - Effective April 26, 2022

Errors and Omissions

Adopted April 25, 2022 and Effective April 26, 2022

1. Correction to §3.2.3.B.2. to add the CD Commercial Destination zoning district as one that allows for multiple principal uses;
2. Corrections to Table 3-1 in §3.2.6. and Table 3-2 in §3.2.7. to align use allowances with §11.3.2.A, Oil and Gas facilities;
3. Corrections to the Table of Allowed Accessory Uses in §3.2.8. to correct errors related to helipads;
4. Corrections in §3.4.5.B.2. to the review process required for Business Accessory Dwelling Units to align with Tables 3-3 and 3-4 in §3.2.8.;
5. Addition to §4.12 Water Quality to include an omitted “Water Quality Adjacent to Drinking Water Reservoirs” section (formerly Sec. 8.12.6);
6. Correction to §5.7.2. to remove reference to the Estes Valley as a location where a planned land division is required;
7. Corrections to the allowed sign area for nonresidential signs in Table 8-4 in §8.4.3.B.; and
8. Updates to Article 12 floodplain regulations that were inadvertently omitted from the Code in 2021.


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