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County Road 70 (Owl Canyon Road) & County Road 9 Roadway Improvements

Project No. 339

(CR 70 (Owl Canyon Road) between CR 9 and CR 5 & CR 9 from CR 70 to the new Larimer County North Landfill


Last Updated: April, 2024


The project includes 1.5 miles of roadway widening and reconstruction of CR 70 from the CR 9 intersection to just west of I-25. The project also includes 4 miles of roadway widening of CR 9 from the CR 70 intersection to the new Larimer County North Landfill entrance. Both roadway widening projects will accommodate two lanes of roadway and 6- to 8-foot-wide paved shoulders. Bridges will be replaced at several irrigation canal crossings and major/minor drainage ways. Intersection improvements are planned for both the C9 and CR 7-5J intersections. Along with the roadway widening on CR 9, conduits for the County’s Broadband infrastructure extensions are being installed.  In addition to the above improvements CR 70 will also be repaved on the I-25 overpass and the gravel road section from I-25 to CR 5 will be paved to accommodate a 26’ paved roadway.


 Construction began on the project with the widening and resurfacing of CR 9 from just north of the CR 70/9 intersection up to the new Larimer County North Landfill site in August 2023, with the majority of the bridge and culvert replacement work around CR 70 continuing through the Fall and Winter. With most of the structure work starting to conclude, roadway widening and intersection work along CR 70 will continue to be ongoing throughout the rest of the Spring the thru the Summer. In mid-March, CR 70 had to be unexpectedly closed due to unforeseen poor conditions of the roadway as the road was being widened and reconstructed. The County will continue to do whatever it feasible can to keep the road open during construction as the project moves forward. The final road work associated with the project will be the replacement of the Boxelder Creek bridge located 0.3 miles north of the CR 70/9 intersection. The replacement of this bridge was delayed due to utility relocations needing to occur ahead of the bridge’s replacement. The project is expected to be substantially complete by the early October of 2024.

The project is funded through a combination of Larimer County Road and Bridge, Larimer County Solid Waste, Larimer County IT, and CDOT funds.


Matt Johnson, Project Manager
(970) 498-5724
Email Matt Johnson



Shields Street to be Widened Between Willox Lane and Highway 287

Project No. 327

(Widening of CR 17 from Willox Lane to US 287)

Last Updated: April , 2024



Widen County Road 17 (Shields Street) from just north of Willox Lane to the railroad tracks just south of Highway 287 (0.9 mile) to accommodate six-foot-wide shoulders and at the north end (0.25 mile +/-) a two-way center turn lane.

Construction Budget:  $3.5 million ($1,852,000 federal grant, $1,648,000 county match – administered by the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT))


The project began construction in early January and has continued with tree removals, culvert replacements, replacement of the Little Cache la Poudre Irrigation Ditch crossing, and road embankment widening work. Work will continue through the spring with fence relocations, importing of road base, a widened paved shoulder, and full width pavement resurfacing the entire length of the project. Construction work is expected to continue through the end of June, 2024.


Matt Johnson, Project Manager
(970) 498-5724
Email Matt Johnson



2024 Pavement Maintenance Areas      


Seal Coat  - will include Estes Park area:

Mary's Lake Road from Peakview Road to SH 7

Overlay Maintenance Zones map

                                      Fish Creek Road from Country Club Road to SH 36

                                      Dry Gulch Road from City Limits to H Bar G Road

                                      H Bar G Road from CR 43 to end 

                                     CR 47 (Big Elk Meadows RD) from SH 36 to end


                                     Lyons area:

                                     CR 37E from Boulder CTY Line to end


                                     Berthoud area:

                                   CR 4  from CR 21 To SH 287 

                                     CR 14 Between CR 15 and CR 17


                                    Waverly area:

                                    CR 70 east of I-25 

                                    CR 9 north of CR 70



                         CR 20 from 23H to CR 29

                         CR 27 from SH 34 to CR 24H

                         CR 24H from CR 27 to CR 25E

                         CR 24E from Monrow to Madison

                         CR 13 from CR 30 to SH 392

                         CR 1 from SH 34 TO crossroads

                         CR 28 West of SH 287 TO RxR crossing



Chip Seal (Section B)

                      CR 18 (SH 402) North to Cr 30, this will include Masonville area


Slurry Seal

                    CR 27 from 24H to CR 38E and CR 5 South of SH 14 .25 miles


Estes Park Facility
543 Elm Road
Estes Park, CO 80517

Laramie River Facility
21137 CR 103
Glendevey, CO
(mail: Jelm, WY 82063)

Livermore Facility
2300 West CR 74E
Livermore, CO 80545

Loveland Facility
2205 East SH #402
Loveland, CO 80537

Stove Prairie Facility
17290 Rist Canyon Rd
Bellvue, CO 80512

Waverly Facility
241 W. CR 70
Waverly, CO 80549



  • 381 Miles of  paved roads (48%)
  • 414 Miles of non-paved roads (52%)
  • 100 Miles of Subdivision Roads

Average Vehicle Miles Traveled on Larimer County Roads

  • Paved Roads = 322 Million VMT (92%)
  • Non-paved Roads = 28 Million VMT (8%)


  • 662 Mainline miles plowed
  • 85 Subdivisions = 85 miles plowed
  • 7,240 tons of ice & traction control material utilized annually
  • Average number of man hour per year on snow events = 20,372 hours


  • 212 Major structures (>20 ft.)
  • 448 Minor structures (<20 ft.)
  • 4,490 Cross culverts
  • 10,527 Sign mounts w/ 14,858 sign panels




Revenue Sources 2023


$21.10 = The annual amount collected on property taxes that is for road maintenance purposes. Based on a residential structure valued at $600,000.

Road & Bridge Mill Levy (2023) = .506





Operating Expenses 2023

Road Maintenance Costs Per Mile

  • Paved Roads - $18,004
  • Non-Paved Roads - $11,752








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