1. The ownership tax and any prior ownership tax. These figures are shown on your vehicle registration. The license fee portion of the renewal is not deductible.

  2. A Colorado title may be replaced if lost or destroyed and original title was processed after January 1, 1985 by bringing your registration to our office and completing an application for duplicate title. The person who appears as owner, an agent or lienholder must sign the application. The fee for a duplicate title is $8.20 and the title is sent to the owner from the Colorado Department of Revenue in approximately seven to ten days. 

    Note: if a lien exists, or has existed in the past eight years and is shown on the title, the title will be sent to the lienholder unless proof of lien release is submitted. If the record is current on the motor vehicle file a duplicate title may be printed the same day.

  3. To replace license plates, you must bring your registration and any remaining plate (for example, if only one plate in a set of two is lost, stolen, or damaged) to our office. In the case of a lost or stolen plate, notify a city, county, or state law enforcement agency, and bring in a copy of the report to our office. You may also request a plate replacement by contacting us by phone at 970-498-7878 option 5 or online at mydmv.colorado.gov. Please destroy the remaining plate if you chose to use the phone or online option.

  4. Bring in a plate number and photo ID to obtain replacements. There will be a replacement fee of $.11 for month tabs and a $.17 fee for year tabs plus an additional $4.00.

  5. A duplicate registration may be obtained from our office for a fee of $4.00. Please have your license plate number and photo identification available when you come in for a duplicate registration.

  6. A change of address must be reported within ten days to the Clerk and Recorder's Office in the county where the new address is located. There is no fee to change your address. This can be done over the phone, through the mail, or online. The address change must also be reported to a driver's license bureau within ten days. To make a name change or a change of ownership on a vehicle when a lien exists, contact the lien holder.

  7. Yes, you may register in any of the three branch offices, Fort Collins, Loveland or Estes Park. In Fort Collins you may visit our Citizen Information Center which is located directly across the hall from the Motor Vehicle department.

  8. No. You will need to check with the state where you had the vehicle registered previously for any refund information.

  9. The State of Colorado provides Drivers License information: Read More