The State of Colorado titles and registers ALL trailers. Title applications for trailers have the same requirement as applications for other vehicles.

Trailer Manufacture's Statement of Origins (MSO) that are not on secure paper are not acceptable with the following two exceptions:

  1. Trailer MSOs from any person who only manufactures trailers that weigh less than 2000 pounds and does not manufacture any other type of motor vehicle. 

  2. Trailer MSOs from any person, other than a manufacturer operating a dealership (or as a dealer), who is a licensed dealer selling motor vehicles that such person has manufactured.

Beginning with the 1981 model year, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Department of Transportation, required manufacturers selling over the road vehicles in the United States to produce the vehicles with a 17 character fixed form VIN, with a check digit within the number, applies to passenger cars, multipurpose passenger vehicles, trucks, buses, trailers, incomplete vehicles and motorcycles.

If the vehicle identification number is lost or removed from a manufactured trailer:

  • The county motor vehicle office issues an assigned identification number to the trailer.

If the manufacturer's name is still on the trailer:

  • The year and the make remain the same.

If a manufacturer's name does not appear on the trailer:

  • The make will be shown as homemade on the new application.

Additional documentation may be required depending on the weight of the trailer. Contact the Vehicle Licensing Division by calling (970)498-7878 or visit one of the three available locations for more information.

A kit trailer that was purchased unassembled from a retail sales business that is not a licensed Colorado Motor Vehicle Dealer, and assembly was completed by the owner will be titled as a kit trailer and issued an assigned identification number. Although the manufacturer may have included an identification number, an assigned identification number is required.

The applicant must surrender:

  • The MSO (Manufacturer's Statement of Origin), invoice or written bill of sale. A cash register receipt, will only be accepted, if it identifies the trailer by VIN, year and make.
  • DR2697 Certificate of Equipment Compliance for Trailers Less than 2000 pounds
  • Colorado Roadworthy Trailer Checklist completed and signed by a Certified VIN Inspector
  • Certified Weight Slip (as determined by the inspector on the DR2697)
  • DR2409 Statement of Assembly of Homemade Trailer and Assignment of Trailer ID Number.
    • The make will be "KIT" and the year will be the year of application.

Small type trailers that come into Colorado from states that do not title trailers but require only registration of trailers must follow this procedure.

Documents required for titling:

  • Current registration (original required)
  • If registration is transferred to a new owner, assignment on registration must be completed, or a notarized bill of sales is acceptable if there is no assignment area. Application acceptance date must be made prior to the expiration of the registration. No grace period.
  • DR2697 Certificate of Equipment Compliance for Trailers Less Than 2000 Pounds
  • Completed Colorado Roadworthy Trailer Checklist completed and signed by a Colorado State Patrol
  • Certified Weight Slip (as determined by the inspector on the DR2697

NOTE: If the applicant has an expired registration for the trailer in their name, a written DR2444 Statement of Fact along with the expired registration is acceptable for the applicant to apply for a title in their name. Name(s) must remain the same as on the registration. The DR2444 Statement of Fact must state the trailer has not been registered or titled in any other state since the expiration.

When a trailer is brought into Colorado from a state that does not title or register small trailers, the following documents for titling are required.

  • DR2697 Certificate of Equipment Compliance for Trailers Less Than 2000 Pounds
  • Completed Colorado Roadworthy Trailer Checklist completed and signed by a Colorado State Patrol
  • Certified Weight Slip (as determined by the inspector on the DR2697)
  • DR2374 Statement of Trailer Ownership, completed and signed by the applicant.

Applications for office trailers will be processed as regular titles. A manufactured home title is not issued because these trailers are not used for occupancy by persons for residential purposes. CRS 42-1-102 (106)(b). All records MUST SHOW WEIGHT. An SMM (Special Mobile Machinery) decal will be issued in lieu of license plates.

Effective July 1, 2006, Secure and Verifiable Identification is required on all New Titles, Duplicate Titles, New Registrations, New Temporary Registration Permits and New Placards. The identification must be provided by the owner of record or a power of attorney presented by the agent. The agent must have Secure and Verifiable Identification to complete the transaction. Commercially owned or lien holder transactions require a letter of authorization.

In cases where a private party has built a trailer, it is necessary to apply for a homemade ID number. The builder must supply the following information: length, width, weight, value, and type of trailer. If parts or supplies were purchased to build the trailer, bills of sale are also required. The builder must obtain a certified VIN inspection from the Colorado State Patrol, and complete a DR 2697. An appointment must first be made with the Colorado State Patrol to perform the inspection. Please contact the State Patrol at (970) 224-3027 for available dates, directions and any questions regarding the inspection.

The builder will be asked to sign an affidavit stating that he/she built the trailer with parts on hand and small purchases. Upon completion of the application, we will assign an ID number which the owner must have affixed to the metal frame of the trailer. The fee for the ID number is $3.50. The application form DR 2409 and DR 2697 must also be presented in our office to obtain license plates and title. Other title and licensing fees may also be applicable.