• Image 1: Lodging Facilities In Residential Dwellings


    Application Information for Lodging Facilities

    Before beginning any development review process in unincorporated Larimer County, talk with our staff to determine which process is needed and to complete a pre-application conference.

    Email the Planner on Call at planningoncall@larimer.org or leave us a detailed voicemail at (970) 498-7679.

    Visit the Planning Division's Handouts and Guides webpage for information including Process Guides, Handouts, Submittal Packets, and Current Fees.

    Visit the Building Division's webpage for information including How the Process Works, Life Safety Inspection Checklist, and Bed & Breakfast Information.

    Renewal Information for Approved Lodging Facilities

    The following forms are fillable pdfs. Please email completed forms to PlanningCIRT@co.larimer.co.us.

    Renewal Forms

    Renewal is required every other year on the anniversary of the original approval or license date.

    Each owner is required to submit a complete and signed form.

    Property Manager Forms

    The Property Manager's contact information shall be provided to all neighbors within a minimum 500 feet of the rental.

    A Verification of Completion form must be submitted within 10 days of approval.


    A Change of Property Manager Form must be submitted within 10 days of a change of Property Manager or a change in the Property Manager's information.

    Transfer a Short-Term Rental License

    The transfer of a Short-Term Rental License from the current property owner to a new property owner is only allowed under certain conditions, which are outlined in the Larimer County Land Use Code: Article 3 - Use Regulations.

    Article 3 - Use Regulations


    If you believe you qualify to transfer a Short-Term Rental License, you must contact us to verify.

    Email PlanningCIRT@co.larimer.co.us or call (970) 498-7683.


    If staff confirms the Short-Term Rental License is eligible to transfer, the new owner(s) will be emailed an application.

    There is currently no fee to transfer a Short-Term Rental License.

    People reviewing a document together in an office.Short-Term Rental Ordinance

    Any advertising listing a Short-term Rental for rent or published to solicit a Short-term Rental for rent, without prior approval, is a violation of this Ordinance and will be subject to fines, increased fees and injunction proceedings. 


    Complaint Process

    Short-Term Rentals uses a "Three Strike" system.  Once 3 valid complaints are received, a code compliance case will be initiated and the STR approval will be reviewed.

    First, use the Approved Lodging Facility Map to locate the phone number for the Property Manager of the Short-term Rental (STR). Reach out to the Property Manager with your complaint or concern. 

    If the Property Manager does not respond, use the below options to inform Larimer County. 

      To file a Short-Term Rental complaint, please call (970) 480-0865 

      Or Submit a Short-Term Rental complaint online.

      Short-term Rental complaints handled by other departments:

      • For noise complaints contact the Larimer County Sheriff's non-emergency number (970) 416-1985
      • For wildlife complaints not related to the Larimer County Wildlife Protection Ordinance:
        • Estes Valley Planning Area: 
          • Contact Colorado Parks and Wildlife Officer Chase Ryland Phone: (970) 652-0591.
        • Larimer County Unincorporated outside of the Estes Valley Planning Area:
          • Colorado Parks and Wildlife Regional Office – Fort Collins – Phone: (970) 472-4300.


      See our Code Compliance website for general information not related to Lodging Facilities in Residential Dwellings & other FAQs.